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Don't wear too much when you sleep

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on nine cold days, the cold wind is biting, and it is even colder at night. Some middle-aged and elderly people who are relatively weak worry about the cold at night and will wear thick sweaters to sleep. Some parents will also wrap their children tightly, but in fact, according to health experts, although they should pay attention to keeping warm when they sleep three or nine days, it is not necessarily good to wear too much, Then let the old yellow calendar introduce you one or two.


it's cold in winter. Some old people worry about going to the toilet in the middle of the night and often sleep in sweaters. Some parents are afraid that their children will catch a cold and wrap their baby tightly to sleep. But experts say you can't wear too much to sleep in cold winter.


when people sleep, their brain and muscles enter a resting state. If they wear too much when they sleep, under the pressure of clothes, normal skin breathing and sweat evaporation will be blocked, which is not conducive to eliminating fatigue. The compression and friction of clothes on muscles will also affect the blood circulation and reduce the heat on the body surface. In this way, even with a thick quilt, you may still feel cold.


experts suggest that under normal circumstances, young people can wear long sleeved underwear when they sleep at night for nine days; The elderly can wear cotton sweater or a belly pocket to protect their stomach; Infants can sleep in cotton underwear at night. The indoor temperature of children's room is generally controlled at about 22 ℃.


of course, everyone's physique and living conditions are different. The specific dressing situation needs to be determined according to the specific situation. If you really feel cold, you should add clothes and quilts in time. Another thing to note about


is that soaking your feet before going to bed or taking a hot bath at night can help you sleep at night, but when taking a bath, you should pay attention that the water temperature should not be too high, whether in a bath or shower, and the room temperature should not be too high during sauna, otherwise it will be counterproductive.

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