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Diabetic patients 39 days regimen three words

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We all know that

is cold in nine cold days, and the 39 day is the coldest season in the year. It is the coldest season in a year. For diabetics, the disease is easy to relapse or even aggravate at this time. So let the old yellow calendar for you, diabetic patients 39 days regimen three words.


keep warm and go out less. Cold weather will stimulate sympathetic nerves and raise blood sugar. If patients with diabetes are accompanied by elevated blood pressure and coronary artery spasm, they are also likely to cause serious problems such as stroke and myocardial infarction. Therefore, the cold winter patients with diabetes should reduce the outgoing, if we go out to minimize the time to stay outside, and pay attention to cold and warm.


are suitable to move. Do not exercise on an empty stomach can reduce blood sugar and improve body resistance. Therefore, diabetic patients should also exercise properly in winter. It is recommended to start about 1 hour after meal and pay attention not to exercise on an empty stomach to avoid hypoglycemic symptoms. In addition, the intensity should be appropriate, and it is better to sweat slightly.


tonic in winter, calculate the heat. As the saying goes, "tonic in winter, fight the tiger in spring". Tonic in winter can regulate physiological function, enhance physique and improve disease resistance. Diabetic patients can also make supplements, but we should pay attention to the principle of controlling total calories, food diversification and balanced nutrition, and rationally distribute the proportion of various nutrients, so we can not think of it as a tonic.


are used as the ointment. Many diabetes patients choose the cream to fill in the winter. The sugar is usually added to the blood sugar. In order to prevent the blood sugar rising, the cream can choose xylitol and aspartame to replace sucrose. If diabetics are in the condition of blood sugar fluctuation, acute complications and uncontrolled condition, they should be careful.


are expensive and should be light meat. They are rich in nutrition and delicious, but the diet of diabetic patients should be light in winter, especially vegetables and fruits. In addition, some high-end traditional foods, such as bird's nest and shark's fin, actually have no unique therapeutic effect, while very ordinary sweet potatoes and onions have important therapeutic value. Therefore, we should emphasize what is missing to make up for what. The diet should be diversified and matched in thickness, rather than dividing good and bad by noble and humble.


have a lot of calcium and iron, which can resist the cold. Appropriate supplement of calcium and iron rich food can improve the body's ability to resist the cold. Foods with high calcium content include milk, bean products, shrimp skin, kelp, Nostoc flagelliforme, sesame, etc. foods with high iron content include animal blood, pig liver, soybeans, sesame, black fungus and red dates.


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