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Three or nine days warm-up dish carrot and onion soup

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With the arrival of

three or nine days, people have entered the coldest time of the year. They focus on cold prevention and warmth preservation at this time. Today's old calendar will introduce you to a warm-up dish suitable for three or nine days, carrot and onion soup made of the most common ingredients.


carrot and onion soup preparation materials: Half Root of carrot and half piece of onion. Methods: 1. Cut carrot into ginkgo leaves and onion into 1cm wide thin slices. Soak in water a little and drain the water. 2. Heat the sesame oil in the pot, then fry the onion into a transparent shape, add carrots and continue to fry. 3. Add the broth, remove the foam after boiling, and stew over low heat. Season with salt to your taste.

carrot and onion soup is suitable for people who have irregular work and rest for a long time, lack of exercise and poor cardiopulmonary function. These people who love to be afraid of the cold are mainly due to organ dysfunction or poor metabolism. It is suitable for eating this warm carrot and onion soup, while people with weak physique, people with chronic stomach diseases and middle-aged and elderly people with organ function decline, Also suitable for drinking. Health Preserving Effects of


carrot and onion soup


carrots: activate internal organs and blood. Radish is rich in sugar, fat, volatile oil, carotene, vitamin A, vitamin B1, vitamin B2, anthocyanin, calcium, iron and other nutrients, known as "little ginseng". American scientists have confirmed that eating two carrots a day can reduce cholesterol in blood by 10% - 20%; Eating three carrots a day helps prevent heart disease and tumors.

the most important thing is that carrots can enhance physical strength and immunity, activate visceral function and blood operation, so as to achieve the effects of regulating viscera, warming up and nourishing. Therefore, it is recommended that you eat more carrot stew in winter, which can not only fully absorb carotene, but also warm your stomach. It is a very nutritious and healthy way to eat.


onions: soften blood vessels and reduce blood viscosity. "Eat onions in winter and keep them warm. Onions are rich in nutritional value. They can not only soften blood vessels but also reduce blood viscosity. Eating them in cold weather can not only prevent cardiovascular diseases, but also kill bacteria, prevent colds, supplement calcium and strengthen bones. On a cold day, stewing a bowl of soup with onions and carrots is the best match.

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