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What dumplings are most popular in Qingdao Lidong

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after the beginning of winter, the weather is getting colder and colder. At this time, people have the custom of tonic. By increasing the intake of nutrition, they can save the calories and energy needed for the winter. Different places like to use different ingredients for tonic at the beginning of winter. Dumplings are the most popular in Qingdao, so let the old yellow calendar introduce them to you.


Qingdao has the custom of eating dumplings at the beginning of winter since ancient times. Lidong eating dumplings to fill the empty mouth is a custom handed down by our ancestors. Lidong eats dumplings because dumplings come from the saying "when giving birth". The new year's Eve is the turn of the old year and the new year, and the beginning of winter is the turn of autumn and winter. Therefore, dumplings can't be eaten at the time of "making" dumplings.

in addition, the cold climate in winter affects the human endocrine system. In the daily diet, the human body needs "tonic" to increase the intake of various nutrients. Dumplings can meet this requirement in terms of production type, nutrition and taste, which is naturally favored.

Qingdao is located in the northern coastal area, and the air is very humid. There are professional tests. In winter, the heat dissipation time of a pair of wet feet is about 23 times that of dry feet, and a pair of wet feet are easy to frostbite outdoors. The time when frostbite is most likely to occur is not the coldest time, but when it warms up in early winter or early spring. You haven't felt the cold yet. As a result, your hands and feet have been frostbitten, and you will itch in a warm place, which is very uncomfortable.

it is said that Lidong ate dumplings and won't have chilblain on his hands, feet and ears all winter. What do dumplings look like? Like ears. Dumplings are half moon shaped, warped on both sides and rolling in the middle. It was originally called dumpling bait and also written Jiaoer. It is said that it was first created by Zhang Zhongjing, the medical saint of the Eastern Han Dynasty. Its full name is "Quhan Jiaoer soup".


jiao'er Decoction made by Zhang Zhongjing is a cold dispelling medicine. It is a kind of food material that spreads cold in isothermal with mutton and pepper wrapped in dough and boiled in the pot. Boiled one by one, it looks like a Wanyue, with its two corners slightly upturned, like some small ears, supporting and energetic.


Zhang Zhongjing returned to his hometown for many years. At the time of the prevalence of typhoid fever in late winter in Nanyang, the medical sage used delicate ears to treat the villagers' frostbitten ears. "Lidong doesn't serve dumpling bowls, and no one cares if his ears are frozen off". Lidong's eating dumplings has become a solar term food custom.

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