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What does Nanjing Lidong eat? Chives, dumplings and chicken soup

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is the first solar term in winter. People have the tradition of making up for winter at this time, which is to absorb enough nutrition and enhance their physique to resist the cold winter. The commonly used ingredients for tonic at the beginning of winter are different. Today's old yellow calendar will introduce you what to eat at the beginning of winter in Nanjing.


there is a proverb in Nanjing, "half a green onion a day brings wind to your legs in winter". At the beginning of winter, the old people in Nanjing pay special attention to eating raw onions to resist the wet and cold winter in Nanjing and reduce the occurrence of diseases. According to the old man, the onion is warm and pungent, which can spread and make people sweat, so that the stagnant Yang Qi in the body is discharged with the sweat, the movement of Yang Qi is unobstructed, and the disease evil is expelled with the sweat.


Nanjing people often talk about the old saying that "the disease plate swishes at the beginning of winter, and the green onion is hot in the middle of the mouth". In order to be healthy after winter, Nanjing people also learn from northerners to eat raw green onions. Although the green part of the green onion is much higher than the white part, from the perspective of Tongyang and food therapy, the green onion is more effective. Many classic food therapy prescriptions for wind, cold and cold have green onion as medicine. For example, the main component of green onion and black bean soup is green onion.


scallions are pungent in taste and mild in nature. They have the functions of dredging Yang, detoxifying and flavoring. In addition to the prevention and treatment of wind cold and cold, it also has a certain therapeutic effect on symptoms such as Yin cold abdominal pain, aversion to cold and fever, headache, stuffy nose, blocked milk and so on.


have always had the custom of "starting winter and making up winter". Starting tonic at the beginning of winter can better adapt to climate change and enhance physique to resist the coming cold winter. On this day, Nanjing people not only eat scallions, but also like to eat chicken, duck and fish. In particular, they are keen to cook a pot of delicious and nutritious chicken soup, add some yam, medlar and American ginseng, and eat the hot soup. It will not only warm their body, but also warm their mood.


for northerners living in Nanjing, the most important activity on this day is to eat dumplings, especially for people in Beijing and Tianjin. Because dumplings come from the saying of "when giving birth". New year's Eve is the turn of the old year and the new year. We have to eat dumplings, while Lidong is the turn of autumn and winter, so we can't help eating dumplings when we "pay" dumplings.

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