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Hainan winter solstice custom is also called xiaoqingming

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since ancient times, the winter solstice has been a solar term and festival that has attracted people's attention. Traditionally, people worship their ancestors on the winter solstice, that is, the so-called "enjoy the worship of their ancestors, and the officials release Guan Pu". At the same time, they also eat a variety of festival foods, such as dumplings, dumplings, mutton soup, etc. So let's learn about the customs of Hainan winter solstice, also known as "little Qingming".


the Han nationality residents of Hainan Island mainly migrate from different regions in the mainland and different historical periods, and inherit the traditional customs of their ancestors. Therefore, there is the custom of sweeping tombs at the winter solstice in some parts of Hainan. People call the winter solstice "xiaoqingming". At this time, chickens and ducks are slaughtered to sweep tombs. The whole family uses the winter solstice to go home for reunion and have reunion dinner, Reunion and ancestor worship, the atmosphere is as grand as the new year.


in Wanning, the hometown of overseas Chinese, some townships call the winter solstice festival "cattle feeding Festival", and let the cattle rest on that day. People in Wanning, hele, hou'an and other towns, no matter where they are, have to rush back to their hometown. One or two days before the winter solstice, a family of old and young people went out to sweep the tombs and repair the tombs of their ancestors. Incense was lit and firecrackers were fired.

at noon on the winter solstice, people will prepare a banquet in their ancestral home to commemorate their ancestors. There are ten bowls of rice, ten small wine glasses, ten pairs of chopsticks, three dishes of vegetables and meat, a pair of candles and three incense sticks, a kerosene lamp, betel nuts, Qianbao, etc. After the standby is complete, light incense and wax and pour wine to sacrifice our ancestors. After male Ding's worship ceremony and making a wish, he burned money and set off firecrackers, and then the family gathered together to have a reunion dinner.

the winter solstice in Hainan is similar to the winter solstice in Chaoshan cities and counties, that is, they all have the custom of eating sweet pills. Tangyuan is also called sweet pill in Chaoshan area. It is said that because sweet pill is sweet and round, it means good meaning. It indicates a bumper harvest next year and family reunion.


are good omens for families to accidentally encounter it, which is like the "water sprinkling Festival" of ethnic minorities. If outsiders happen to visit on this day and let outsiders meet it, these outsiders will also have good luck.


every year on the winter solstice, every family of the Miao Nationality in Hainan also makes a kind of cake with Magnolia glutinous rice to celebrate the joy of a year's harvest. People choose good glutinous rice, wash it with clean cold water and soak it for more than 12 hours, then take it out with a leaky spoon, filter out the water, and steam the soaked glutinous rice in a special wooden pot.

next, pour the steamed and sticky glutinous rice into the wooden mortar, and several people swing a pestle around the wooden mortar to pound. When you feel that the wooden pestle is gradually stuck, dip it in syrup to prevent the wooden pestle from sticking. In this way, while pounding and pounding, they kept turning until the glutinous rice was mashed into a paste. Then they took it out, cut it into blocks, spread it on the outside and flatten it with corn flour, indica rice flour or sesame, which had been dried and fried in advance, and made a delicious Miao folk cake.


when people eat this kind of cake, they usually dip it in self-made sugarcane syrup. If they can't eat it for a while, they can store it for a few days. In winter, it's cold and the food is easy to harden. They can bake this kind of cake on a charcoal fire, expand and soften after baking, and it tastes sweet and delicious.

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