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Why are people prone to depression in light snow season

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After the

light snow, the weather is getting colder and colder, everything is withered, heaven and earth are blocked, and people have entered the severe winter. The weather in this season is often cold and dark, which also makes people's mood negative. Some people even have depression. Why is it easy to be depressed in light snow season? Let the old yellow calendar introduce it to you.


before and after the light snow solar term, the weather is often cold and dark. At this time, people's mood will also be affected, especially those friends with depression are more likely to aggravate their condition. In this regard, experts pointed out the following possible influencing factors.


supplement too much. The human body is dry and hot. In winter, because the temperature is relatively low, many people will like to eat warm supplements to supplement the energy needed by the body. But if you eat too much hot food, it is easy to accumulate too much heat in your body, which is also bad for your body. For example, if you eat more barbecue or hot pot in winter, your face will be prone to flushing and scalding, and sometimes your body will be weak. The change of


solar terms is very worrying. The ancients thought that from the internal and external aspects, we should comply with the natural changes of Xiaoxue solar terms and avoid the invasion of evil Qi; Internally, we should guard against nothingness and be calm. That is, the mind is pure, the emotions are smooth, the essence, Qi and spirit are kept inside without losing, and the physiological state of the unity of form and spirit of the human body is maintained. It is also the best explanation of "the quiet live a long life and the impatient die". The short sunshine duration of


leads to depression. Modern medical research has found that among the neurotransmitters related to depression, the brain serotonin system is closely related to seasonal changes. In spring and summer, the function of serotonin system is the strongest and the weakest in autumn and winter. When the sunshine time decreases, it causes the lack of serotonin in the brain of patients with depression, followed by a series of symptoms such as insomnia, irritability, pessimism and world weariness.


tips for combating depression health experts point out that in the light snow season, you can fight against depression by eating foods containing antidepressant ingredients such as bananas, oysters and soybeans. At the same time, you can also relieve depression through moderate exercise, bask in the sun and listen to music. In addition, it is also helpful to keep a regular routine in light snow season and often talk to friends. Of course, the most important thing is to seek the help of professional doctors and carry out treatment under the guidance of doctors.

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