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How does Xiaoxue solar term regimen fight depression

DailyBird Culture 2021-10-09 1 0
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light snow season, heaven and earth are impassable, yin and Yang do not intersect, everything withers and vitality is bleak. In such a cold day, some friends' emotions are also vulnerable to the changes of the blocked and cold external environment, and become sad, anxious and irritable. It seems that they are always unable to raise interest. This is the expression of depression. So how does the light snow solar term fight depression? Let the old yellow calendar introduce it to you.


eat light snow "depression" fruits: bananas are preferred (bananas contain substances that can help the human brain produce serotonin); Kiwi, orange. Vegetables: spinach and dark green vegetables. Drink: water chestnut soybean milk drink (5 twisted juice of water chestnut, add 250g soybean milk, cook it, and add an appropriate amount of sugar); Dishes: fried mushrooms with celery (400g celery, 50g water hair mushrooms, both with seasoning); In addition, oysters, soybeans and other foods contain folic acid, which can help fight depression.


sports alleviate depression. Health care experts say that in the light snow solar term, to maintain a pleasant attitude, you can often participate in some outdoor activities to enhance your physique, bask in the sun, listen to music and learn to take care of yourself. For example, in light snow season, the temperature is not too low on the whole, so it's best to adhere to cold resistance exercise.


in the light snow season, people can get off one or two stops before going to work in the morning, and then walk to the unit. The same is true after work, so as to increase the amount of physical exercise. It is generally believed that it is appropriate to walk 5-10 kilometers every day. At noon, you can climb stairs appropriately, which can not only exercise your body, but also enhance your resistance to germs.


work and rest rules are far away from people who are prone to depression. Xiaoxue solar term should pay more attention to emotional health preservation, pay attention to adjusting their state of mind, and maintain an optimistic mood and happy mood. At this time, you can often talk to friends and talk more with others; When the weather is fine, you can often go outside to bask in the sun and see the sun; It is suggested to properly participate in various recreational and sports activities, such as practicing yoga, dancing and listening to music, so as to relieve pressure and relieve depression.

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