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What does light snow eat help fight depression

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light snow season, the wind is bleak, the weather is cold, and the sunlight is less than that in other seasons. Everything in the world is hidden, and there is no vitality between heaven and earth. In this season, people are easy to feel depressed, anxious and irritable. For patients with depression, they should pay more attention to adjusting their emotions and seek the help of professional doctors in time. In daily life, they can also eat some food that can help alleviate their mood. Then let the old yellow calendar introduce to you what Xiaoxue eats to help fight depression.


banana when the content of serotonin in human brain decreases, there will be a series of depressive symptoms such as insomnia, irritability, pessimism and world weariness. Bananas contain this substance. Appropriately increasing the intake of bananas will make people feel peaceful and happy. But people with deficiency of spleen and stomach should not eat it.

whole wheat bread researchers suggest that pasta and snacks should be used as antidepressants. Eating complex carbohydrates can improve mood. The effect is slow, but it is more in line with the principle of health. Trace mineral selenium can stimulate mood, and whole grains such as whole wheat bread are also rich in selenium. Chicken, seafood and other foods also contain more selenium.

people with insufficient intake of spinach folate are prone to depression symptoms such as insomnia, forgetfulness and anxiety. Spinach is rich in folic acid. Asparagus, kiwi fruit, oysters, oranges, peas, soybeans and dark green vegetables also contain folic acid. In addition, foods rich in B vitamins such as coarse flour products, grain granules, yeast, animal liver and fruits are also helpful to improve bad mood and depression.


beans are rich in protein and iron and contain amino acids, which can help us eliminate the emotional haze and maintain a happy and comfortable mood.


oysters are rich in iodine, zinc and selenium, which can promote the normal operation of thyroid gland and enhance the sense of pleasure.


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