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Five details of baby frost health care

DailyBird Culture 2021-10-09 1 0
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frost season, the grass and trees turn yellow and the dew turns into frost. It is the time when the weather gradually turns cold and people pay attention to health care, especially for young and weak babies. Then let the old yellow calendar introduce you the five details that baby frost health care needs to pay attention to.


keep your back warm. Keeping your back "appropriately warm" can prevent diseases and reduce the incidence of colds. But not "too warm", otherwise the back sweating, easy to get sick because of the back wet and cold.


warming the stomach is the place of the spleen and stomach. Keeping the stomach warm is to protect the spleen and stomach. The baby often has insufficient spleen and stomach. When the cold air directly stimulates the abdomen, the baby will have stomachache, which will damage the spleen and stomach function and make the spleen and stomach unable to operate normally and stably.


warm feet are the intersection of yin and yang meridians, rich skin nerve endings and the most sensitive place to the outside world. The baby is no exception. Only by keeping hands and feet warm can the body adapt to external climate change.

cool head from a physiological point of view, 1 / 3 of the heat emitted by children through the body surface is emitted by the head. Head heat can easily lead to upset, dizziness and dizziness. Therefore, traditional Chinese medicine believes that the head is most likely to "get angry", and the baby's illness is head heat first. If the baby keeps his head cool and feet warm, he must be refreshed and have smooth blood circulation.

pay attention to the moisture-proof weather of clothes. During seasonal exchange, there are many strong convective weather and frequent rain. Especially in the south, clothes are likely to be wet. So if it's your baby's clothes, be sure to dry them with a hair dryer in time to avoid too much moisture affecting your baby's health.

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