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Baby frost health how to do

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children are the heart of their parents and elders. The healthy growth of children is the most important thing for every family. The climate changes all year round, and the baby's physique is still relatively weak, so they need careful care from parents. Then let the old yellow calendar introduce you what to do for your baby's frost health preservation.


exercise pay attention to the reasonable arrangement of dynamic and static. Frost fall is generally in September of the lunar calendar. It is a clear and crisp scene in autumn. At this time, lung gold is the main thing, and the amount of exercise can be increased appropriately. You can choose to climb, kick football and other sports. Climbing high can not only make the lung function comfortable, but also climb high to look into the distance, relaxed and happy, which can relieve the mood. You can also choose broadcast gymnastics, aerobics, Taijiquan, Taijijian, ball games, etc.


disease prevention focus on keeping warm and frost. The temperature may drop suddenly, and the temperature difference between day and night will increase by more than 10 ℃, but our skin and respiratory system can not adapt to such changes well. At this time, patients with chronic diseases and those with poor physique and weak resistance and children are easy to get worse or have a cold and fever.


give your baby more vegetables and fruits that nourish the lungs. Autumn is the time when all kinds of fruits and vegetables are on the market. These fruits and vegetables have the function of nourishing yin and lungs and can help your baby drive away autumn dryness in the body. Therefore, Mommy should let her baby eat more of these vegetables and fruits, such as pear, sugarcane, pomegranate, jujube, citrus and so on. For example, pears have a unique effect on preventing autumn dryness. Traditional medicine believes that pears can produce saliva, quench thirst, moisten dryness and dissolve phlegm.


the main reason for autumn dryness is that the air is too dry, causing water shortage in the body. Traditional medicine believes that nourishing the lung can drive away dryness evil. In order to prevent the baby from being disturbed by dryness, Mommy should pay more attention to let the baby drink water than in other seasons to maintain the normal humidity of the respiratory tract.

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