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Is it winter in Nanjing

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At the beginning of winter in

, the precipitation in most parts of China is significantly reduced, and the weather is cold and dry. According to the folk saying in the past, this is the beginning of winter. However, due to China's vast territory and different climatic conditions, in some areas, especially in the south, even at the beginning of winter, it does not mean that it will really enter winter. Let the old yellow calendar introduce it to you, Nanjing Lidong is winter.


is it winter in Nanjing after the beginning of winter? For Nanjing, the beginning of winter does not mean the beginning of winter. However, although the beginning of winter is not the beginning of winter in Nanjing, it means that the "handover work" in autumn and winter is about to be carried out. What is the relationship between


, "beginning of winter" and "entering winter"? "Beginning of winter" is one of the "twenty-four solar terms". It was customary for the Han nationality in ancient China to take "beginning of winter" as the beginning of winter. However, due to China's vast territory, the "beginning of winter" in the astronomical sense is often far from the actual local climate. The winter we are talking about now is generally regarded as "winter" according to the meteorological regulations, and the daily average temperature is lower than 10 ℃ for 5 days.

when does Nanjing winter? So when does Nanjing winter? Usually, Nanjing will not really enter winter until the light snow solar term in late November.

old Nanjing has the traditional custom of watching the weather and divining the cold and warm at the beginning of winter. It pays special attention to whether there is rain, snow and sun on the day of beginning of winter, because how the weather on this day will predict the change of the whole winter. The folk meteorological proverb goes, "beginning of winter is sunny and one winter is cold", which means that the weather on the day of beginning of winter is fine, so there will be less rain and snow and more dry and cold weather in the whole winter.

and another proverb "it's cloudy at the beginning of winter and warm in winter", which means that if it's cloudy and rainy at the beginning of winter, the whole winter won't be too cold; There is also "the beginning of winter is white and white, sunny to cut barley", which means that if it snows at the beginning of winter, the weather will be sunny throughout the winter.


meteorological experts said that although these proverbs are the crystallization of the wisdom of the ancient Chinese people for thousands of years, they have certain limitations in the time period and region they reflect. For details, we should refer to the actual weather conditions of various places.

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