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Do you have to start winter to make bacon? When is the time to marinate bacon

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"the north wind blows back and forth several times, and the sparse trees shake the air half green and yellow. Dikes are built in the four fields to prevent drought and flood, and thousands of drying things are ready for collection." when the beginning of winter comes, people in some parts of China follow the tradition of "thousands of drying things for collection" and start making pickled foods, such as pickled bacon, pickled sausage, pickled fish, etc., for winter consumption. Then let the old yellow calendar introduce you. Do you have to start winter to make bacon? When is the time to marinate bacon.


can you marinate bacon after the beginning of winter? Once the beginning of winter of the twenty-four solar terms is over, it marks the arrival of winter. In the south, every year around the winter solstice, every family is busy making bacon, marinating Bacon, filling sausage and marinating fish. There are various methods. When the weather turns cold after the beginning of winter, it is suitable for curing cured meat. If the weather is too hot, it is not suitable for curing cured meat. On the contrary, it will spoil the pork. Do


have to start winter to make cured meat? It is best to pickle in light snow season. There is a folk custom of "curing in winter and storing it to resist winter". It is best to pickle cured meat in the weather of about 10 degrees after winter. The light snow season after the beginning of winter is the best time to make cured meat. At this time, the temperature drops sharply and the weather becomes dry, which is a good time to process cured meat. Precautions for preservation of


Bacon bacon is preserved at room temperature. When the taste is the most authentic before March of the lunar calendar, with the increase of temperature, although the meat quality remains unchanged, the taste will become prickly. Therefore, after March of the lunar calendar, cured meat can not be preserved at room temperature.


when preserving cured meat, it should be noted that the cured meat should not be hung in the sun, otherwise it will produce a lot of oil, which will seriously affect the taste and quality of cured meat; In addition, attention should be paid to avoid the strong wind blowing the cured meat directly, so as to avoid the cured meat being too dry and hard.

according to experience, the best way to preserve bacon is to wash it, wrap it with plastic wrap and put it in the refrigerator, so that it can be preserved for a long time. If well preserved, it will not taste or produce insects even after three or five years.

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