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How about getting married in 2017

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Shakespeare once said: "an unhappy marriage is like a hell, where chickens fight with geese all their life and cannot live in peace. On the contrary, if you choose a satisfactory spouse, you can have a hundred years of harmony and infinite happiness." everyone has a longing for a happy marriage and a beautiful family in the depths of his heart. Stepping into the sacred palace of marriage starts with a romantic wedding. Then let the old yellow calendar introduce you to get married in the light snow festival in 2017.


on November 22, 2017, on the fifth day of October 2017 of the lunar calendar, Chongyang (Ding Wei) Shadong

[should] get engaged, pray for heirs, accept livestock on the beam on the vertical column, lift the opening of the warehouse, herd, cut clothes, and draw meridians [avoid] Moving into a house, planting incense, planting a bed, getting married, going back to Ning, starting a trip, asking for money, decorating, breaking the ground, going to funeral, offering sacrifices, praying, moving the earth, building a dike, discharging water, going to any place, buying property, building a house by boat, receiving money, marriage, building, opening, opening, migration,


can be seen from the old yellow calendar, The light snow solar term in 2017 is November 22, 2017, which is not suitable for marriage. Prospective newlyweds who intend to have a wedding may choose another auspicious day.

the wedding taboo of the traditional marriage customs of the Han nationality 1. After setting up the bed, we should find a minor boy to sleep with the bridegroom on the bed on the eve of the wedding, because it is traditionally believed that if we sleep in an empty bed, neither husband nor wife will die. 2. On the wedding day and before going to bed at night, all people should stay away from the new bed as far as possible. In particular, the groom must not touch the bedside, which will be unlucky. 3. Don't let people sit in a new bed on the wedding day. 4. On the wedding day, the bride cannot lie in bed at will, otherwise she will be ill in bed. 5. People who avoid Zodiac tigers in marriage watch the ceremony. 6. On the wedding day, when the bride goes out, her aunt and sister-in-law cannot see her off. 7. On the wedding day, when the bride leaves her mother's house, the more she cries, the better, because "no crying, no hair". 8. The bride's clothes should not have pockets to avoid taking away her family's wealth. 9. On the third day after marriage, the newlyweds return to their mother's house with gifts, that is, guining. But remember to go back to your husband's house before dark that day. You can't spend the night at your mother's house. 10. Within four months after marriage, the bride may not participate in any wedding and funeral ceremony to avoid being overjoyed. 11. The bride's mirror should not be lent to others. 12. Within four months of marriage, unless necessary (such as honeymoon travel), the bride is also forbidden to spend the night outside.

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