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Beauty can be eaten out of the winter solstice skin care diet

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after the winter solstice, the dry climate is a severe challenge to people's skin. Beauty lovers will not forget to replenish water and adhere to sunscreen in time, and use skin care products correctly. According to the introduction of health experts, winter solstice skin care can also be assisted by eating some food conducive to beauty, Then let the old yellow calendar introduce you to the winter solstice skin care and dietotherapy, and eat the beautiful face of winter together.


soaking soybeans in vinegar: take 250g fresh soybeans, soak them in vinegar for 15 days, and chew about 10 capsules a day, which can make the skin tender and the pigment lighter. Efficacy: vinegar bean contains phospholipids and a variety of amino acids, which can promote the metabolism of skin cells, reduce cholesterol, improve liver function and delay aging.

grape juice method: 100g grapes, 5g granulated sugar and 60ml cold boiled water. Wash the grapes, remove them one by one, stir with water and sugar, remove the residue and leave the juice. Efficacy: grape juice is rich in vitamins and niacin. It has the effect of strengthening the body. It is a good health and beauty product in winter.

black beans boiled with lemon: cook the black beans in water and soften them, then add soy sauce and lemon slices to eat. Efficacy: black beans are rich in B vitamins, which can improve the metabolism of skin cells. Regular eating can make the skin fit. Lemon has the same effect.


walnuts generally speaking, nut foods are rich in nutrition, with high contents of protein, oil, minerals and vitamins, which have a good effect on human growth and development and disease prevention.

according to doctors, walnuts can be selected for "grinding teeth" in winter, because walnuts are rich in protein, fat and vitamins and have high nutritional value. In addition, walnut is also rich in vitamin B and vitamin E, which can prevent cell aging, strengthen brain, enhance memory and delay aging.


, but it is worth noting that diabetic patients, especially those with gestational diabetes mellitus, should control reasonable consumption of nuts. When eating dried nuts such as walnuts, they should eat with the staple food. Generally speaking, 10 to 15 grams of dried fruit are equivalent to half a staple food, and the patients who have high blood sugar after meals are advised to add walnuts as food for 2 hours after meals.

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