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Five key points of winter solstice skin care

DailyBird Culture 2021-10-09 1 0

regardless of wind, frost, rain, snow, cold, hot, cloudy and sunny, beauty lovers will not ignore the maintenance of skin. After all, everyone has the heart of beauty. The winter solstice in 2017 will come in a while, so let the old yellow calendar introduce you the five key points that must be paid attention to in winter solstice skin care.


replenish water first and then whiten. You must have such experience. If you drop a drop of red medicine on a dry sponge, the red medicine will quickly penetrate into the sponge, but the penetration range is relatively small; If you drop a drop of red Potion on a wet sponge, the potion will quickly penetrate into the sponge, and the infiltration range is very large and the speed is very fast. The same is true for the skin to absorb nutrients.


therefore, in the dry winter solstice, people must use whitening products on wet skin, so that the whitening ingredients can be absorbed by the skin in the largest range and most quickly, and the products can play the greatest whitening effect.


exfoliate the aged cutin regularly and stick it on the skin surface, which greatly affects the skin's absorption capacity. Especially in autumn and winter, the skin's metabolism slows down obviously, and the aged cutin is not easy to fall off. At this time, we need to use exfoliating cream for artificial exfoliation to help the aged cutin fall off quickly, Promote the skin to absorb whitening ingredients better and more quickly.

in winter solstice, friends with oily skin can exfoliate once a week; People with neutral skin can go once a half month; People with dry skin should exfoliate once a month; For friends with sensitive skin, they should not exfoliate.


we must ensure the cleanness of the skin. If we can't wash the face often and let the dirt or cosmetic residue live on the face for a long time, it will not only block the pores and weaken the skin's defense ability, but also affect the skin's ability to absorb nutrients. Only by completely removing the oil, sebum and aged horniness on the surface of the skin can the skin be truly clean, Cell division in the basal layer will become active, and the effect of absorbing whitening ingredients will be better only when the pores are relaxed.

whitening products don't abandon the whitening products used in midsummer. Don't stop using them because the scorching sun is over after summer. Because autumn and winter is a good time to repair black spots and sunburned skin by ultraviolet rays, and the ingredients of whitening products have the function of lightening spots and repairing sunburn.

uses the attention of the mask. For whitening, mask is a treasure. The mask can provide a large amount of whitening nutrients for the skin in a short time, and make the skin get a significant improvement through super penetrating ability, so that the hitherto unknown ideal state of skin can be achieved. Moreover, the special sealing cover of the mask increases the temperature on the surface of the skin, so that the pores are opened and the whitening ingredients are absorbed quickly.

should use the whitening mask to pay attention to the following two points: 1, if it is a mask cream that needs to be applied, it should not be coated only with a thin layer, but must have a certain thickness. It must cover the pores, so that the ingredients of the mask can better play its role. 2, if it is a paper face mask, the mask paper must be thick enough and soft enough. Only thick enough can hold enough whitening ingredients; Only when it is soft enough can it cover the face tightly, so that the whitening ingredients can be absorbed most effectively.

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