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Does the winter solstice begin to count nine? When will it be handed in in 2018

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The folk saying of

says, "cold is in March and nine, hot is in three volts". The so-called "March and nine" refers to March and nine days, which is the third nine days after counting nine every winter. It is the coldest time of the year. The number nine refers to a folk solar term for calculating winter dates in China, also known as "winter nine". So, does the winter solstice begin to count nine? When will it be handed in in 2018?


Q: does the winter solstice count nine? When will it be handed in in 2018? A: counting nine starts from the winter solstice. Jiaojiu starts from the winter solstice in 2018, and the time is December 22, 2017 on the Gregorian calendar. The day of


is actually the winter solstice. People in China are used to "counting nine" from this day on and counting nine every nine days. The first nine days are called "19", and the winter solstice is the first day of "19". The second nine days is called "two nine". By analogy, there are nine "nines" in total. After 81 days in 1999, "nine peach blossoms bloom", and the weather will be warm.


there is also a folk song that vividly describes the law of weather changes at the beginning of the winter solstice: "in 1929, you can't reach out; in 3949, you freeze cats and dogs; in 5969, you look at willows across the river (meaning willows begin to sprout); in 799, the river opens (meaning the ice in the river begins to melt); in 1989, geese come; in 999, it is cold, and flowers bloom in spring."


in the old days, It is also popular among the people to fill in the "99 cold elimination map" for recreation. There are many forms of "99 cold elimination map", either cold plum, nine body couplet, or double hook red calligraphy, but the meaning is the same. They are filled in once a day, or a flower. Until the spring returns to the earth after 99, a "99 cold elimination map" will be completed.


as a solar term marking the beginning of severe cold, remind all people to pay attention to cold prevention and warmth, and add clothes and quilts in time. According to the custom of Chinese people, autumn and winter are a good time for tonic, especially after the winter solstice and jiaojiu. As the saying goes, "three nine make up for one winter, and there will be no pain in the coming year", and many people have begun to make up as early as the frost season.

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