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What medlar does Lidong eat? Although it's good, don't overdo it

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in Chinese folk, many people have the habit of eating Chinese wolfberry at the beginning of winter, because Chinese wolfberry is said to help the growth of human Yang and protect against the cold. However, according to the introduction of nutrition experts, although it is good to eat medlar at the beginning of winter, you must not eat too much, so let Lao Huangli introduce the details for you.


, 立冬吃枸杞别过量,


the health preservation effect of Chinese wolfberry. Chinese medicine has long said that "Chinese wolfberry health preservation" believes that eating Chinese wolfberry often can "strengthen muscles and bones, keep light and not old, and endure cold and heat". Therefore, it is often used as a tonic and anti-aging medicine. According to the Shennong herbal classic, Chinese wolfberry tastes bitter and cold. It is the main evil Qi in the five internal organs. It is warm and thirsty. It can strengthen the muscles and bones for a long time and keep the body light.


according to the collection of Materia Medica, Lycium barbarum can make "Qi can be filled, blood can be replenished, Yang can be generated, Yin can grow, rheumatism can be removed, which is perfect." according to the theory of traditional Chinese medicine, its main function is to generate essence and blood through tonifying the kidney, essence and marrow, bone marrow can be filled, Yin blood can be bred, and liver blood can be filled with it. The compendium of Materia Medica


records that Lycium barbarum can tonify the kidney, generate essence, nourish the liver, brighten the eyes, strengthen the essence and bones, eliminate fatigue, change color, whiten, brighten the eyes and calm the nerves, and make people live a long life. Medlar is also known as "Lao Tzu" because of its effect of prolonging life. It is good at eyesight and is commonly known as "mingyanzi". The results of contemporary experiments and clinical applications of


show that the frequent drinking of Lycium barbarum leaf instead of tea can significantly improve and improve the immune and physiological functions of the elderly, frail patients and tumor patients, and has the effects of strengthening the body and delaying aging. For cancer patients with chemotherapy, it can reduce toxic and side effects, prevent leukopenia, regulate immune function and so on.

the benefits of eating Chinese wolfberry at the beginning of winter. After the beginning of winter, the weather is getting cold. People wrap themselves in thick cotton clothes to help their Yang resist the cold. Lycium barbarum can calm and replenish Yang Qi. It can be taken every day, especially in combination with mutton, Cistanche deserticola, Morinda officinalis and Jinkui Shenqi Pill, which can help the growth of human Yang Qi and resist the severe cold of nature.

after the beginning of winter, medlar should also cook porridge, which can be matched with various porridge products. Medlar corn soup is delicious and beautiful in color.

how much medlar is best? Generally speaking, it is more appropriate for healthy adults to eat about 20 grams of medlar every day. Medlar should be eaten often, not in large quantities at one time. The most suitable people to eat Lycium barbarum are those with weak physique and poor resistance. Eat a little every day to get results.


taboos of eating Chinese wolfberry. Chinese wolfberry can warm the body well, but it is best to take it when you have a cold or when you have inflammation and diarrhea. In addition, some people with high blood pressure or impatient personality, as well as those with red faces in our daily life, had better eat less to avoid too much tonic.

when using medlar, the cleaning time should not be too long, otherwise it will also lead to the loss of nutrients. Therefore, the correct cleaning method should be to put medlar into warm water for a little cleaning, and then drain the water for use.


must not be forgotten when eating medlar, that is, this kind of food can not be taken with too many tea warm supplements. The common ones are green tea, jujube, longan and red ginseng, otherwise it is not good for health.

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