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Why eat chicken to nourish and keep out the cold at the winter solstice

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winter solstice is a good time for folk tonics in China. Among many nutritious ingredients, chicken soup is the most popular. It's really warm and warm to have a bowl in cold weather. Then let the old yellow calendar introduce you why you eat chicken at the winter solstice.


why eat chicken at the winter solstice? The winter solstice is the shortest day and the longest night in the northern hemisphere of the year. It is also the day with the most Yin Qi and the weakest Yang Qi. It is the beginning of the coldest time of the year. The winter solstice has always been regarded as the best time to "settle down and rest", and the custom of tonic during the winter solstice has existed since ancient times. As soon as the winter solstice arrives, it will enter "Nine", that is, at the coldest time of the year, eating chicken at this time can nourish the body.


there is a folk proverb of "a chicken on September 1, good health in the coming year", which means that the human body needs more energy and nutrition in winter. We should often eat chicken for tonic, which can not only better resist the cold, but also lay a solid foundation for health in the coming year. In Nanjing, China, there is the habit of "eating chicken in nine" and the eating custom of "one 'nine' one chicken" in some places. The efficacy of


chicken and the taboo of eating chicken are of great medicinal value, and the people have the reputation of "good medicine for the world". Traditional Chinese medicine believes that chicken has the effects of warming Qi, replenishing essence and filling marrow, benefiting five zang organs and tonifying deficiency damage. It can be used to regulate and supplement fatigue, epigastric pain, edema, postpartum milk shortage, weakness and dizziness caused by spleen and stomach qi deficiency and yang deficiency. It also has a good auxiliary effect on urination frequency, deafness, essence deficiency and cold caused by kidney essence deficiency.

but when using chicken for tonic, we should pay attention to the difference between male and female: male chicken, which belongs to Yang, has strong warming and tonic effect, and is more suitable for patients with Yang deficiency and weak Qi; Female chicken belongs to Yin, which is more suitable for pregnant women, old, weak and chronically ill.

chicken meat is tender and suitable for all kinds of cooking. In order to maintain its low-fat advantages, it is best to choose a more refreshing cooking method, such as white cut chicken and clear stewed chicken. On the contrary, fried crispy chicken, spicy chicken and fried chicken not only lose nutrients, but also have high calories, which is harmful to health.


chicken soup have different nourishing effects by adding different herbs. Adding ginger can nourish and strengthen essence, relieve cold and improve human immunity; Adding Lycium barbarum can level and replenish Yang Qi, contribute to the growth of human Yang Qi and resist severe cold; Ginseng and Codonopsis pilosula can treat spleen and lung weakness, shortness of breath and palpitation, enhance hematopoietic function and improve chilly constitution; Adding Astragalus membranaceus can replenish qi and deficiency and enhance immunity.

but chicken tonic is not suitable for everyone. Chicken is rich in protein. In order to avoid increasing the burden on the kidney, uremic patients fast; Chicken is warm in nature. In order to avoid helping heat, patients with high fever and patients with noisy stomach heat should fast; The content of phosphorus in chicken is high. In order to avoid affecting the absorption of iron, do not eat chicken when taking iron. Finally, we need to remind you that the hip tip of chicken is the "warehouse" of bacteria, viruses and carcinogens. Don't eat it.

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