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What time did the frost fall in 2017? 13:27 on October 23

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when the sun reaches 210 degrees of the Yellow meridian, people usher in the frost solar term. The arrival of frost means that autumn is coming to an end, and winter is about to begin. The weather continues to become cold. Frost begins to fall in some areas of our country, and the annual golden season of supplementary winter is coming. Then let the old yellow calendar introduce to you the frost in 2017.


Q: what time did the frost fall in 2017? A: the frost fall in 2017 was 13:27:36 on October 23, 2017.


frost fall, one of the 24 solar terms, comes around October 23 of the Gregorian calendar every year. In the collection of the seventy-two seasons of the moon, it is said about Frost: in September, the air is solemn and condensed, and the dew turns into frost. "Frost" means that the weather is getting colder and dew condenses into frost. At this time, white frost has appeared in the Yellow River Basin of China. On the thousands of miles of fertile fields, a silver ice crystal is shining, and the leaves have turned yellow and fallen leaves.


according to Chinese traditional Chinese medicine health preserving theory, it is necessary to increase tonic in spring, clear tonic in summer, light tonic in long summer, flat tonic in autumn and warm tonic in winter. When frost falls, it belongs to the soil in the five elements, which is the same as that in long summer. Therefore, it should be based on the principle of light tonic and replenish blood gas to nourish the stomach.

frost fall date calculation method

calculation formula: [y] × Interpretation of D + C] - L formula: y = the last two digits of the number of years, d = 0.2422, l = the number of leap years, C = 23.438 in the 21st century and C = 24.218 in the 20th century. Example: frost fall date in 2088 = [88 × 0.2422 + 23.438] - [88 / 4] = 44-22 = 22, so frost falls on October 22 in 2088. Exception: the calculation result of 2089 plus 1 day.

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