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What time was the light snow in 2017? 11:05 on November 22

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The light snow season of

and "the clouds are dark, the graupel point is small, and the Su Su sprinkles the window leaf" is coming. The cold wave and strong cold air activities are frequent, and the weather is getting colder and colder. The first snowfall may occur in the north of the yellow River after winter, so people need to pay more attention to cold prevention and warmth preservation. Then let the old yellow calendar introduce to you the time of light snow in 2017.


Q: what time is the light snow in 2017? A: the light snow in 2017 was 11:04:34 on November 22, 2017.

on November 22, 2017, people will usher in the annual light snow solar term. At this time, the sun reaches the Yellow meridian 240 °, the temperature drops and snow begins to fall, but it is not the season of heavy snow, so it is called light snow. Before and after the light snow, the Yellow River Basin began to snow (the snow in the South was two solar terms later); Most areas in the north have entered the freezing season.


at the beginning of winter, there is a folk custom of "curing in winter, salting in the wind and storing to resist winter". After light snow, the temperature drops sharply and the weather becomes dry. It is a good time to process bacon. After the light snow solar term, some people began to make sausages and bacon. In some places in the south, there is also the custom of eating Ciba in October of the lunar calendar.


Sun Simiao said: "the foundation of life is to invest in food... I don't know how to eat, which is not enough to survive." a reasonable diet can make people strong and prolong their life, and improper diet is one of the important reasons for disease and premature aging. In light snow season, the weather is cold and the metabolism of human body is slow. In order to avoid blood viscosity, people should eat more foods to protect cardiovascular and cerebrovascular vessels, such as Salvia miltiorrhiza, hawthorn, black fungus, tomato, celery, etc.


in light snow season, it is also suitable to eat lipid-lowering foods, such as balsam pear, corn, buckwheat, carrot, etc. In addition, you can eat warm tonic food and kidney tonic food. Warm tonic food includes mutton, beef, chicken, dog meat, pilose antler, etc; Kidney benefiting foods include porridge boiled with cashew nuts, Euryale ferox and yam, chestnut stew, ginkgo stewed chicken, big bone soup, walnut, etc. In addition, we should eat more stews and black foods, such as black fungus, black sesame, black beans, etc.

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