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How does Lidong maintain her hair

DailyBird Culture 2021-10-09 1 0

the beginning of winter comes, the temperature drops rapidly and the air is getting drier and drier. In order to adapt to climate change, people need to make many adjustments in their daily life. For example, we should pay attention to the maintenance of hair. Then let the old yellow calendar introduce to you how to maintain hair at the beginning of winter.


enter the beginning of winter. Due to the seasonal change, the temperature of scalp will also decrease. Low temperature will reduce the activity of microfilament vascular network, reduce the nutrients absorbed by hair roots, and lead to hair loss due to insufficient nutrient supply.


at the same time, human hormone level is also closely related to temperature. The low temperature in winter will slow down the metabolism of most tissues and organs, as well as hair follicle cells, resulting in slow hair growth, accelerated falling speed and seasonal hair loss. Therefore, after the beginning of winter, the following measures should be taken to reduce hair loss:

don't wash your hair in the morning. Try to avoid getting up early and washing your hair in winter, because first, people's physical function is still recovering and blood circulation is slow. Washing your hair at this time will stimulate cerebral blood vessels; The second is that the temperature is low in the morning, and the evaporation of scalp water will take away the heat of the scalp, resulting in head cold, headache, even vertigo and stroke, forming potential health hazards.


reduce the frequency of shampoo. The number of shampoo times per week can be reduced by 1 to 2, and choose less irritating shampoo products. In very dry areas, you can use more conditioner, which not only has moisturizing effect, but also reduces static electricity.


often comb your hair and massage your scalp. The blood circulation slows down due to the weather. You can comb your hair and massage your fingers to increase scalp friction and dredge scalp veins. It is recommended to use horn comb instead of plastic comb.

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