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When will dog days begin in 2018

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dog days are a special period in China's traditional lunar calendar. They are divided into first, middle and last. They are the hottest period of the year in China, which is opposite to three or nine days. The Gregorian calendar time corresponding to dog days is generally between June and August every year, and the hot weather may continue to September. Then let the old yellow calendar introduce you when the dog days begin in 2018.


Q: when will the dog days begin in 2018? A: dog days in 2018 will begin on July 17, 2018.

dog days in 2018: 40 days in total, from July 17, 2018 to July 26, 2018, the first volt, 10 days, from July 27, 2018 to August 15, 2018, the medium volt, 20 days, from August 16, 2018 to August 25, 2018, the last volt, and 10 days of

dog days are calculated according to the lunar calendar, It is about from mid and late July to early August of the Gregorian calendar. The time of entering the ambush is not fixed every year, and the length of the middle ambush is also different. It needs to be calculated by looking up the calendar. Simply use the four word formula of "three Geng" in the summer solstice to express the date of entering the ambush, that is, from the third "Geng" day after the summer solstice, the first ambush is 10 days, the middle ambush is 10 days or 20 days, and the last ambush is 10 days.


start from the summer solstice. According to the arrangement of Ganzhi Ji days, the third Geng day is the first one, the fourth Geng day is the middle one, and the first Geng day after the beginning of autumn is the last one. When there are 4 Geng days between the summer solstice and the beginning of autumn, the median is 10 days, and the occurrence of 5 Geng days is 20 days. It can be concluded that the occurrence of Geng day will affect the length of medium voltage, so there are 30 days in some years and 40 days in some years.


can be calculated according to this method. The dog days in 2018 are 40 days in total. The reasons for the formation of


in dog days are that after the ambush, the surface humidity becomes larger, more heat is absorbed every day, less heat is emitted, and the heat of the surface layer accumulates. Therefore, it is hotter day by day. After entering the dog days, the accumulated heat of the ground area reaches the highest peak, and the weather is the hottest.

in addition, in summer, there is much rain, high air humidity, and the heat capacity of water is much larger than that of dry air, which is also an important reason for the muggy weather. In July and August, the subtropical high was strengthened. Under the control of the subtropical high, the downdraft inside the high pressure made the weather clear and less cloudy, which was conducive to sunlight, the ground radiation increased and the weather became hotter.

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