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What time was the severe cold in 2017? 11:09 on January 20, 2018

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"ten days of snow on rivers and mountains, deep snow and thick fog on rivers and mountains. Get up and look at Fanshan, but see Qun Yufeng". The cold solar term is the last solar term in the lunar year. After the cold and spring, people will usher in a new year. In the severe cold season, when the weather is cold, the wind is cool, and the rain and snow are frequent, people should not only pay attention to cold prevention and warmth preservation, but also need the careful protection of farmers if crops and livestock want to survive the winter safely. Then let the old yellow calendar introduce you to the cold weather in 2017.


Q: what time is the severe cold in 2017? A: the severe cold in 2017 was 11:08:58 on January 20, 2018.


cold is one of the 24 solar terms. It is cold when the sun reaches 300 ° of the Yellow meridian around January 20 every year. Great cold means that the weather is extremely cold. Before and after the cold is the coldest season of the year. The severe cold is just after March 9 and at the beginning of April 9. As the saying goes, "walk on the ice.".


cold solar terms often coincide with the end of the year. Therefore, in the cold season, in addition to agricultural activities in accordance with the solar terms, we also have to rush for the new year -- catch the new year's fair, buy new year's goods, write Spring Festival couplets, prepare all kinds of sacrificial offerings, sweep away dust and clean things, prepare new year's goods in addition to old cloth, pickle all kinds of sausage, bacon, or fry and cook chicken, duck, fish and other new year's dishes, At the same time, we should offer sacrifices to our ancestors and various gods to pray for good weather in the coming year.


in addition, in the old cold season, people often rushed to buy sesame straw in the streets. This is because people thought that "sesame blossoms higher and higher". On New Year's Eve, people sprinkled sesame straw on the roads outside of walking for children to crush. The homonym is auspicious, meaning "stepping on the year", and the homonyms of "crushing" and "year" mean "peace every year", Get a good mouth color for the new year's day. This also makes the festival meaning of cold driving evil and auspicious more strong.

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