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After frost, these three kinds of leaves are the treasure of health preservation

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on October 23, 2017, people will usher in the annual frost term. As the saying goes, "it's better to replenish frost in a year than to replenish frost". The content of folk frost replenishment and health preservation in China can be enriched. Even the seemingly insignificant leaves can be used by people. Then let the old yellow calendar introduce you three kinds of leaves that can be used for frost health.


the mulberry leaves before the frost fall, just like the fallen poplar and willow leaves, are just waste to people, but after the frost fall solar term, the mulberry leaves have become a superior gift given to us by nature. After the arrival of frost, the mulberry leaves will be baptized by cold frost, and a layer of white frost will condense on the surface. Since then, the internal components of the frosted mulberry leaves have also changed and become babies.


in compendium of Materia Medica record that the curative effect of mulberry leaves is: "treating fatigue heat cough, brightening eyes and long hair". According to traditional Chinese medicine, frost mulberry leaves "taste bitter, sweet and cold, can disperse wind heat, clear lung and moisten dryness, and have both clearing and moistening effects, treating fatigue heat cough, brightening eyes and long hair". Modern component analysis shows that frost mulberry leaves are rich in high-quality protein, crude fiber, sugars, calcium Phosphorus, iron, manganese and other ingredients have better health care effect on hair.

frost leaf beauty and hair formula raw materials: 100g frost mulberry leaf, 100g angelica, 200g walnut kernel, 300g black sesame and 300g brown sugar. Practice: wash and dry the frost mulberry leaves and grind them into powder together with Angelica sinensis, and grind the walnut kernel and black sesame into powder after frying. Finally, stir them together with brown sugar and put them into a clean and dry container. It is best to use a carton containing tea. The raw materials can also be handed over to the drugstore for processing, and after being frying, it can be made into 10 grams of 1 honeyballs. Taking: take 10g each day before breakfast, lunch and dinner, send it in plain water, and stick to it for a month. Tip: in the frost season, if you are not satisfied with your dark face or suffer from hair loss, you might as well take this opportunity to pick up the frost mulberry leaves. Of course, if you don't know mulberry leaves, or you're too lazy to go out, you can also buy "frost mulberry leaves" in a large traditional Chinese medicine room.


in addition to frost mulberry leaves, these two kinds of leaves after frost are also treasures: one is ginkgo leaves, the other is eggplant seedlings.


Ginkgo biloba trees are divided into male and female. The leaves of female trees are more golden and beautiful, and the leaves of male trees are slightly black. However, the male and female leaves after frost are equally effective and do not need to be too picky.


wash and boil the Ginkgo biloba leaves after picking them up at home. Soak your feet with Ginkgo biloba leaves every day. For people who have dry and cracked heels every autumn and winter, but if you soak your feet with Ginkgo biloba leaves for a month after frost every year, your feet will remain tender for a year.


eggplant seedlings will freeze hands and feet in deep winter. You can try eggplant seedlings. Eggplant seedlings before frost fall can be regarded as waste, but once frost falls, they are also precious. People who love frostbite, or whose hands and feet are red, swollen and itchy every year after frostbite, can pick frosted eggplant seedlings home and soak their hands and feet after boiling water with one seedling every night.

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