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What fruit does Lidong eat, grapefruit and water chestnut

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on November 7 this year, people will usher in the beginning of winter solar term. At this time, it is dry and dry. It is a compulsory course for people to supplement water and resist dry gas every day. In addition to eating some nourishing foods, such as lily and sesame, you can also eat some seasonal fruits. Then let Lao Huangli introduce to you what fruit to eat at the beginning of winter: grapefruit and water chestnut.


pomelo recommended reason: pomelo is called "natural fruit can", which is a kind of fruit with thick skin and storage resistance. It is rich in protein, vitamin C, organic acids, calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, sodium and other essential elements for human body, which can prevent colds and promote digestion. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that grapefruit has the effects of regulating qi and resolving phlegm, moistening lung and clearing intestines, tonifying blood and strengthening spleen. It is a good fruit for raising lung and relieving cough after cold in winter.


healthy eating method: if the newly bought grapefruit tastes sour, it can be placed indoors for a few days. After the fruit moisture gradually evaporates and "eliminates the water", it will taste sweeter. Eating grapefruit is also taboo. Grapefruit can not be eaten with some drugs. Patients with hyperlipidemia pay special attention. If they don't pay attention, patients are very prone to poisoning, muscle pain and even kidney disease. Purchasing skills of


: you can judge from the appearance and observe whether the appearance shape of grapefruit is the shape of a tumbler. The bottom is flat, and the flat circular grapefruit with short strength is better. You can also choose by weighing. When buying grapefruit, don't just look at the size. Pick up the grapefruit and weigh the weight of the grapefruit. It's better to choose the key grapefruit of the same size. That grapefruit has more water. Recommended reasons for


water chestnuts: November and February of each year are the rich season of water chestnuts. Water chestnuts have purple and black skin color, white meat, sweet and juicy, crisp and delicious. They can be used as both fruits and vegetables. They have the reputation of "underground Sydney" since ancient times, and northerners regard them as "Jiangnan ginseng". Chinese medicine believes that water chestnut is a cold food, which can not only clear away heat and fire, but also supplement nutrition. It has a very good antipyretic effect on patients in the early stage of fever, about 10 at a time, but it should not be eaten during high fever.

healthy eating method: water chestnut is a cold food, which has the function of clearing internal fire. If you feel dry or some internal fire in winter, you might as well drink water chestnut sugarcane water. The method is very simple. Peel sugarcane and cut it into small sections, peel water chestnuts and boil water together. Buying skills of


: water chestnuts are big, clean and fresh. Among the water chestnuts, the quality of "copper peel water chestnuts" with purple color and short terminal buds is better. It has thin skin, fine meat, juicy, sweet, crisp and no residue. It can replace fruit. The "iron water chestnut" with purple black color and long terminal bud is crisp and slightly sweet. It should be cooked or sliced and fried.

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