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Frost can not eat what these fruits are taboo

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frost season is a time when some fresh fruits are on the market, such as grapes, water chestnuts, persimmons and pears. Many people like to buy them home and try them. However, according to nutrition experts, frost fruits may not be open to eat. Some of them should be controlled, and some are not suitable for patients with specific diseases. Let the old yellow calendar introduce them to you.


jujube can replenish blood and Qi, improve immunity, and contain a large amount of vitamins, elements and sugar. However, jujube should not be eaten more, because too much sugar is easy to cause tooth bareness, phlegm and dampness, lower abdomen is easy to rise and defecate.

apple juice can stop diarrhea, eat on an empty stomach can cure constipation, and help digestion after meals. But we should pay attention to the sugar and potassium salt in apple, too much intake is not conducive to heart and kidney health care. People with coronary heart disease, myocardial infarction, nephritis and diabetes must avoid food.

pear pear has the effects of cough and asthma, good for cough, wind heat, pharyngitis, etc., because of cold, spleen and stomach cold, mouth vomiting and saliva, stool and loose bowels should be careful, and because of high sugar content, excessive food will cause sugar rise, and help diabetics avoid food.


citrus contain carotene, which can be directly converted into vitamin A after entering the blood and stored in the body to make the skin yellow, which leads to "carrot blood disease", commonly known as "orange disease", and is accompanied by nausea, vomiting and other symptoms.


persimmons contain a lot of vitamin A, vitamin C and tannic acid. They are rich in nutrition, reduce blood pressure and stop bleeding, clear heat, smooth intestines, moisten lungs and generate fluid. However, persimmon also contains a large amount of gum phenol and pectin, which is easy to condense into fibrous mass after fusion with gastric acid, that is, gastric persimmon stone, resulting in indigestion.

pomegranate pomegranate contains a variety of minerals, sweet taste and warm nature. It is wet fruit. Pomegranate is effective for dysentery, anal prolapse and pharyngitis, but people with body deficiency, dryness and heat should eat it carefully.


water chestnuts have bacteria in their skin. Do not peel them with your mouth, which is easy to be infected with ginger flake worm disease. Ginger flake worm is hypertrophic, looks like ginger flakes under the microscope, and parasitizes in the human small intestine, which is easy to cause symptoms such as malnutrition, weight loss, anemia and so on.

chestnut contains starch, protein, crude fiber and a variety of nutrients. It is known as the king of thousands of fruits and woody grain. It can replenish qi, kidney, spleen and liver, and regulate intestines and stomach. But chestnut is difficult to digest, easy to accumulate food stagnation gas, and can not be eaten too much at one time.

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