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Guide for operation and transportation of frost term

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today is October 23. At 13:27 p.m., people will welcome the frost term in 2017. Frost falls in late autumn, which is the season of alternating seasons. Traditional Feng Shui believes that this is also the key node of people's fortune change. Then let the old yellow calendar bring you a guide to the transportation of frost terms.


in the late autumn season, the five element gold gradually withdrew from the atmosphere of Jin Wang and Su Sha, and was replaced by the rise of moisture in winter. During this period, the five element Xu soil just played a connecting role. "The northwest is the Tianmen gate and the southeast is the Dihu". Xu in the nine palaces of Luoshu is in the dry position and is in the northwest position. It is the main Tianmen gate. At this time of year, the cold air in the northwest will be stronger and stronger, and there will be more and more gales.

therefore, every year when frost falls in late autumn and early winter, it is a period of windy and frequent temperature changes. Friends should pay attention to windproof and shelter to prevent the impact of temperature fluctuations on people.


Xu soil contain C fire and E soil, which is a dry soil. Therefore, in the late autumn season, the sky is dry and dry, which is easy to cause the invasion of dryness evil. External diseases are mainly easy to cause adverse symptoms such as dry skin and skin pruritus. Internal diseases are easy to cause the invasion of external evil and cause lung diseases, especially children and the elderly, which are easy to cause pneumonia and bronchitis, In addition, affected by temperature changes, beware of the elderly and cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. It is very necessary to pay attention to health and health preservation in this season.


frost fall is the season of late autumn. It belongs to gold in the five elements, autumn in the five seasons (spring, summer, long summer, autumn and winter), and lung in the five internal organs of the human body (liver, heart, spleen, lung and kidney). In terms of the relationship between the four seasons and five tonics (ascending tonic in spring, clear tonic in summer, light tonic in long summer, flat tonic in autumn and warm tonic in winter), it is based on the principle of light tonic, especially pay attention to nourishing the stomach. Frost diet tonic should be distinguished according to the nature, taste and meridian of food.


in late autumn, people who have been busy for more than half a year will be very uncomfortable when they are idle. Many friends will be restless and restless, and the phenomenon of "autumn dryness" will appear. It is very easy to stimulate some bad habits and seek stimulation, such as gambling. There are also some people who blindly flow and invest, causing unnecessary losses to themselves. I hope my friends will remember the natural law of "spring sowing, long summer, autumn harvest and winter storage".

in addition, there are many disharmonious factors in many families at this time of year, most of which are caused by idleness and trouble. I hope friends can be more calm and calm, and spend this transition period smoothly is the best choice.


after Xu month, the Yang Qi disappears and the Yin Qi becomes stronger and stronger. As soon as the northwest Tianmen gate is opened, the Yin Qi becomes stronger and stronger. It will soon be the Hanyi Festival on the first day of October of the lunar calendar, which is also another Ghost Festival in the year. The ghost Qi and evil Qi are becoming more and more prosperous. It is hoped that the weak people should pay more attention to health care, increase their immune ability and prevent the Yin evil Qi.


friends should remember: Ghost evil gas likes people who are weak and sick, depressed and angry. Ghost evil gas is most afraid of masculine, strong, happy and optimistic gas field. As long as you are more happy, masculine and sunny, you can trust each other. Any ghost evil gas can't invade your body. I believe you will have good luck.

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