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On October 23, frost fell, chrysanthemum red leaves fell, and frost appeared in autumn

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today is October 23, 2017. At 13:27 p.m., the frost reduction solar term of "chrysanthemum red leaves fall and see frost in autumn" is coming. As a transitional solar term from autumn to winter, people's health preservation focuses on getting colder and colder after frost, dry days and dry things, cold prevention, warmth preservation and autumn dryness resistance. Then let the old yellow calendar introduce to you the frost term of "one leaf knows the frost, one rain feels the late autumn".


"frost is blue and the sky is quiet, and autumn promotes the west wind." according to the Chinese astronomical calendar, the solar term of "frost" is ushered in at 13:27 on October 23. Health care experts suggest that in the frost season, the weather becomes cold day by day. The public should pay attention to cold prevention and warmth preservation, eat more lung moistening food and prevent autumn dryness.


and "frost fall" are the 18th of the 24 solar terms in the lunar calendar and the last solar term in autumn. They are the transitional solar terms from autumn to winter. The ancient book "collection and interpretation of the seventy-two seasons of the moon" describes this solar term as "in September, the Qi is solemn and condensed, and the dew is frozen". The ancients also divided frost fall into three periods: first, jackals were sacrificed to animals; Second, wait for plants to fall; Three times, the stinger is salty.


meteorological data show that in late October, cold air activities in northern China are frequent. With the continuous presence of gale weather, the temperature drops rapidly. The Central Meteorological Observatory predicts that from the 23rd, a cold air will affect China and cool down in Northeast and North China. After the frost of


, the weather is getting colder and the temperature difference between morning and evening is increasing. The public should pay attention to adding clothes to keep warm, especially the head, abdomen and feet, so as to prevent colds and colds.

in addition, in frost season, dry Qi is in season, which is prone to autumn dry symptoms such as dry throat, dry nose and dry skin. Health experts suggest that in addition to ordinary boiled water, you can also drink an appropriate amount of fruit juice and chrysanthemum tea with honey. In addition, you should also eat more foods that moisten your lungs, such as pears, sugarcane, water chestnuts, grapes, citrus, duck, etc.

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