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What time is the rain in 2018? 1:17 on February 19

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"moisten things and rain softly, and the east wind blows green willows to welcome." before and after February 19 every year, when the Yellow longitude of the sun reaches 330 degrees, people usher in the second solar term of the year - rain. At this time, it is the time when spring warms up, the ice and snow in winter gradually melts and there is more precipitation, so it is called rain. Then let the old yellow calendar introduce to you what time the rain will fall in 2018.


Q: what time is the rain in 2018? A: the rain in 2018 is 1:17:57 on February 19, 2018. The arrival of


rain solar terms means that people enter the spring of meteorological significance. Like grain rain, light snow and heavy snow, rain is also a solar term reflecting precipitation. Its arrival means that the weather warms up, precipitation begins, and rainfall gradually increases; Second, in the form of precipitation, there is less snow and more rain.


in the collection of the seventy-two seasons of the moon: "in the first month, the sky produces water. Spring begins with wood, but those who produce wood will have water, so the rain after the beginning of spring. And since the east wind thaws, it will disperse and become rain." it means that before and after the rain solar term, everything begins to sprout, and spring is coming. For example, in Yi Zhou Shu, there are phenological records such as "wild geese coming" and "plants sprouting" after the Rain Festival. After the


rain solar terms, with the increase of rainfall, the evil of cold and dampness is most likely to trap the spleen. At the same time, the dampness evil is nostalgic and difficult to remove, so we should focus on the maintenance of the spleen before and after the rain. In the rain solar terms, the air of wet ground rises gradually, and dew and frost appear in the morning.


in view of such climate characteristics, people's diet should focus on nourishing the spleen and stomach, dispelling wind and dehumidification. Due to the cold climate at this time, you can take appropriate tonics, such as honey, jujube, yam and Tremella are all suitable tonics for this solar term.

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