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The ancient winter solstice festival began on this day

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on December 22, people will usher in the annual winter solstice solar term. In China, the winter solstice is also called winter festival and winter solstice festival. It can be seen that it is not only a solar term, but also celebrated by people as a festival day. The winter solstice festival has long been a tradition in China. The so-called "Celebrating the new year" of ancient ancestors began on the day of the winter solstice festival. Let the old yellow calendar introduce it to you.


as early as the spring and Autumn period more than 2500 years ago, the sages had measured the winter solstice with the Tu GUI measuring instrument, and the custom of celebrating the winter solstice originated in the Han Dynasty, prevailed in the Tang and Song Dynasties, and has been along until now. The Qing Jialu said that the winter solstice was as big as a year.

and the more ancient ancestors, the new year began from the winter solstice. The Song Dynasty's "Tokyo dream records" recorded: "at this point, it is easier to wear new clothes, prepare food and enjoy the worship of ancestors". Ban Gu's Han Shu also records that "the Yang Qi rises in the winter solstice, and the king's Tao is long, so he congratulates.". It can be seen that the winter solstice festival in ancient times is very important. It is not only to sacrifice our ancestors, but also an auspicious day given by God. It should be celebrated.

the winter solstice was once a legal holiday in ancient times. The book of the later Han Dynasty wrote: "before and after the winter solstice, gentlemen settle down, all officials do nothing, don't listen to politics, choose auspicious days and then save trouble." on this day, the emperor will give ministers a holiday, the army will be on standby, the frontier fortress will be closed, and business travel will be closed. During the Han and Tang Dynasties, on the day of the winter solstice, both in and out of the court, Emperor officials and the poor people should meditate. Relatives and friends gave each other delicious food and visited each other to celebrate the winter solstice.


also have an important content in celebrating the winter solstice, that is, offering sacrifices to the gods of heaven and earth and the ancestors of previous dynasties. Folk people either participate in the Taoist temple, or invite the Taoist priest to set up an altar and walk in their own house. Everyone bathes and changes clothes to spend the first day and the first festival of the year. Their etiquette is grand and exquisite. The purpose is to pray for good luck throughout the year by taking advantage of the spirit of heaven and earth.

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