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Custom festival of winter solstice

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on December 21 or 22 every year, people will usher in the winter solstice solar term. The winter solstice, also known as "winter festival", "Asian year old" and "Winter Solstice Festival", is a year-old festival that has attracted much attention since ancient times. When people review the history of the winter solstice festival, they will find that "sacrifice" has always occupied an important part in the activities and customs of the winter solstice festival. Then let the old yellow calendar introduce you the winter solstice festival of worshipping the sky and welcoming the sun and remembering Zude.


, 冬至节的习俗:祭,


official activities: in ancient times, the son of heaven's sacrifice to heaven was almost the most important reserved program in the winter solstice. "Zhou Lichun official · Shenshi": "bring gods, gods and ghosts to heaven with the winter solstice." the royal family worshipped heaven at the winter solstice in order to pray for and eliminate diseases in the country and reduce famine and people's hunger and death.


records in the historical records of filial piety and martial arts: "at the age of two, Jiazi Shuoda winter solstice in November, the calendar is based on this system. The son of heaven comes to Mount Tai in person, and Jiazi Shuoda winter solstice day Temple God Ming hall in November, every time he practices Zen." and the etiquette of the later Han Dynasty also says: "before and after the winter solstice, gentlemen settle down and calm down, and all officials do nothing." at the same time, he also needs to select "capable people", The drums, harps and Sheng played the "law of the yellow bell" to celebrate.


in the Tang and Song Dynasties, the winter solstice and the beginning of the year were paid equal attention. "The winter solstice in November is the most important festival in the capital. Although the poor accumulate fake loans in a year, it is easier for them to wear new clothes, prepare meals and worship their ancestors. Officials release customs and celebrate exchanges, just like the New Year Festival."


folk customs: welcoming the sun and offering sacrifices to ancestors, although the nature of offering sacrifices to heaven is supreme, Except for the son of heaven, no one else has this qualification, but out of awe and worship of heaven, there is an informal custom of "welcoming the sun" at the winter solstice, which is an informal way of sacrificing heaven. The object needed in the activities of welcoming the sun is a sundial, which is actually a simple shadow instrument. People predict the abundance of the coming year by observing the shadow of the sun, which is ceremonial and interesting.


in addition to offering sacrifices to heaven and welcoming the day, the winter solstice festival is also a day for ancestors to remember their ancestral virtues and offer sacrifices to their ancestors. In traditional life, the word "sacrifice" is infiltrated into daily use. It is natural to sacrifice ancestors in festivals. Chinese sacrifice tradition says "respect is like being". It is like ancestors celebrating festivals with us on the day of season change.


generally speaking, although the winter solstice ancestor worship is not necessarily a formal family sacrifice, it should offer offerings and incense before the ancestor's holy position, sprinkle a wine, and then the whole family will share and celebrate together.

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