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The custom of the winter solstice

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on December 22, people will usher in the annual winter solstice solar term. In ancient China, people attached great importance to the winter solstice and celebrated it as an important time of the year, and there was a saying that "the winter solstice is as big as a year". Then let Lao Huangli introduce you to the winter solstice gift of respecting your teacher and giving you socks and long shoes.


the winter solstice festival has a simple and warm style, with corresponding etiquette and customs, mainly including visiting teachers and giving shoes and socks.


in ancient times, the winter solstice is a day for students to pay tribute to their teachers. It is said that on this day, primary school students should wear new clothes and take wine preserves to pay homage to their teachers. In the winter solstice festival of


, the old folk customs should be led by the school directors (or those with high expectations in the village) to entertain the teachers. Mr. Wang should lead the students to worship the memorial tablet of Confucius. Then the school board will lead the students to worship Mr. Bai. So far, there is still the custom of inviting teachers to dinner on the winter solstice in Shanxi. Northwest Shanxi is used to entertaining teachers with stewed mutton at the winter solstice. The custom of giving shoes and socks to


is because the shadow of the sun is the longest on the winter solstice, so the ancient custom gives shoes and socks to the elder to celebrate the winter solstice, indicating that the shadow of the sun with the longest foot is praying for longevity. "Notes to ancient and modern China" said: "in the Han Dynasty, there were embroidered mandarin duck shoes, and Emperor Zhao ordered his aunt to go on the winter solstice day." Cao Zhi's "table of socks and shoes for the winter solstice" also had the sentence "Asian years welcome the kind, and the length of shoes should be celebrated".

later, the custom of giving shoes to my aunt gradually became that my aunt gave shoes and hats to my nephew, who were mainly young children. In ancient times, it was mainly hand embroidery. As gifts for men, hats are mostly made in the shape of tigers and dogs, and animals are embroidered on shoes. As gifts for girls, hats are mostly made of Phoenix shape, and shoes are embroidered with flowers and birds.


now some parts of China give each other shoes and hats at the winter solstice, most of them are purchased from the market, and the style closely follows the trend of the times. During the winter solstice, adults in some places always like to visit with their children, pull and boast about the shoes and hats given by their aunts. It's not interesting.

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