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What do you eat at the winter solstice? Food customs are rich and colorful everywhere

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As the saying goes,

goes, "tonic this winter and fight the tiger next spring." the arrival of the winter solstice solar term is the peak season for folk tonic in China. At this time, the food customs have always been rich and colorful, and a unique winter solstice tonic culture has gradually formed. Then let the old yellow calendar check what to eat at the winter solstice for you.


Winter Solstice Festival is a very rich and colorful festival. The key word of festival food customs is "tonic". After thousands of years of development, it has formed a unique winter solstice food culture. The winter solstice is in the middle of winter. Food tends to be rich in flavor and nutrition, such as wonton, dumplings, glutinous rice balls, red bean porridge, millet cake, etc. The main food customs of winter solstice festivals around the world are


winter solstice dumplings: dumplings are the key in the current winter solstice recipe. Winter solstice meat: during the winter solstice, Hunan people will kill chickens and pigs and dry the meat in the shade, which is called winter solstice meat. Boiled tofu with Scallion: in Changwu area of Jiangsu Province, there are many "boiled tofu with Scallion" in the family banquet dishes on the winter solstice night.


red bean glutinous rice: in the water town of Jiangnan, there is a custom that the whole family gather together on the winter solstice night to eat red bean glutinous rice, which is used to drive away epidemic ghosts and prevent disasters and diseases. Eat dog meat: on the winter solstice, eat dog meat, mutton and all kinds of nourishing foods in order to have a good omen for the coming year.


are divided into Bacon: after the tomb sweeping in the southern winter solstice, the ancestral halls of the same surname distribute "meat" according to the number of people, and distinguish the level of education time by time to show encouragement; Give priority to the elderly to show respect. Tangyuan: eating Tangyuan at the winter solstice is a traditional custom in China, especially in Jiangnan. There is a folk saying that "one year older after eating Tangyuan". Tangyuan is also called tangtuan. Eating tangtuan on the winter solstice is also called "winter solstice group".

winter solstice Regiment: found in Jiangnan. The winter solstice dough is made of glutinous rice flour and steamed with meat, vegetables, sugar, fruit, cowpea, red bean sand and shredded radish. It is mainly used as offerings, or as gifts to relatives, neighbors or guests. It is one of the necessary foods for the winter solstice Asian year old banquet.

winter solstice: it is most meaningful to eat when the whole family is reunited. The "winter solstice circle" made of glutinous rice powder is generally made into red and white, and the particles are as small as fish eye beads. It can also be kneaded into small animals such as cattle, horses, sheep, chickens, dogs, pigs and so on at the request of children.

rice cakes: Hangzhou people like to eat rice cakes at the winter solstice. During the winter solstice, make three meals of New Year cakes with different flavors. In the morning, eat the New Year cake mixed with sesame powder and sugar. At noon, fry the New Year cake with Youdun vegetables, winter bamboo shoots and shredded pork. At dinner, eat the New Year cake with potherb mustard, shredded pork and shredded bamboo shoots soup. Winter solstice to eat rice cakes, grow tall year after year, the picture is auspicious.


buckwheat noodles: every winter solstice in Zhejiang and other places, the whole family, men, women, old and young, should gather together, and every family should make buckwheat noodles to eat. Customs believe that eating buckwheat in the winter solstice can remove pig hair and chicken hair from the intestines and stomach. Ginger duck: Fujian people like to eat ginger duck for tonic during the winter solstice. Ginger duck stews muscovy duck with a whole piece of old ginger (without cutting), which can warm the stomach and tonify the kidney.


wonton: Taoism believes that the beginning of the Yuan Dynasty symbolizes the first century when chaos is not divided and Taoist spirit is not obvious. Therefore, there is a folk custom of eating wonton. However, later generations only spread the proverb of "winter solstice wonton and summer solstice noodles", which is simply regarded as a seasonal diet.


in Taiwan still preserve the tradition of offering sacrifices to ancestors with nine layer cakes during the winter solstice. People with the same surname and ancestry gather in the ancestral temple at the winter solstice or at an early date agreed before and after the winter solstice to worship their ancestors one by one according to the order of elders and children. This activity is commonly known as "ancestor worship". After the


ceremonies, large banquets will be held to entertain the relatives who come to worship their ancestors. Everyone will have a good time and contact each other. They are called "eating ancestors" for a long time. The winter solstice festival has been handed down from generation to generation in Taiwan to show that they do not forget their "roots".

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