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The relationship between the winter solstice and Taoism

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The winter solstice of

has a history of more than 2000 years in China. The ancients said that "the winter solstice is born of one Yang". They thought it was a subtle node of the growth and decline of yin and Yang. Therefore, they regarded it not only as an important solar term, but also as a relatively large festival in a year. Over the long years, the content of the winter solstice festival has become more and more rich, many of which are related to China's local Taoism. Then let the old yellow calendar introduce the relationship between the winter solstice festival and Taoism.


the winter solstice is a festival with rich contents. The winter solstice festival is not only related to the celestial calendar and year-old seasons, but also can be found in the classics of local Taoism. The exposition of the winter solstice in the book of changes is the divination of Fu, which says: "Fu is the divination of the winter solstice. The sun rises on the ninth day of the winter solstice, and all things begin with good and bad luck. Therefore, it is called the heart of seeing heaven and earth."


correspond to this. In the book of changes, which is respected as the "king of the eternal Dan Sutra" in the internal alchemy exercise of Taoism, the book of changes uses the book of changes to clarify the Dan Tao and take the Fu Divination as the starting basis for Alchemy: "The talisman moves forward and backward, and bends and stretches in response to the time. Therefore, it is easy to unify the mind of heaven, restore the divination diagram, and start to sprout. The eldest son follows the father's body, and sets a Zhaoji because of his mother. The news should be in accordance with the bell law, and the rise and fall should be in accordance with the Dou pivot."

in addition, Xuanhe Zi's golden formula of December divination in the collection of orthodox Taoism · the first part of righteousness also says: "At the beginning of Fugua, the sun rises, and the talisman turns to the sky. Gao Qimiao builds the Golden Tripod with his skillful hands, and is clean and fasthearted to serve the Jade Emperor. The white tiger can't completely subdue it, and the green dragon gradually soars. Immortals have been the same secret since ancient times, and who has a different way."


accordingly, the beginning of Fugua is regarded as "a little true Yang" in Taoist training In addition, in Taoism, the winter solstice is also regarded as the Christmas day of Yuanshi Tianzun, the first God of Taoism. Therefore, on the winter solstice, there are activities to worship Yuanshi Tianzun at various tunnel temples.

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