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What time is the summer solstice in 2018? 18:07 on June 21

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The summer solstice solar terms of

and "the summer solstice is overcast and slightly late in the evening" come on June 21 or 22 every year. This day is the longest day and the shortest night in China in the northern hemisphere. After that, people will feel hotter and hotter. Rainstorm, plum rain, high temperature and humidity begin to become the main characteristics of the weather. Then let the old yellow calendar introduce you the time of the summer solstice in 2018.


Q: what time is the summer solstice in 2018? A: the 2018 summer solstice is 18:07:12 on June 21, 2018.


from the summer solstice, the anode is Yin, and the Yin Qi lives in the interior. Therefore, after the summer solstice, the diet should aim to clear away the summer heat and enhance appetite. Therefore, we should eat more bitter food and should clear up and supplement it. While emphasizing clear and tonic diet, don't be too salty and sweet. You should eat more food that can dispel summer heat, replenish qi, generate fluid and quench thirst.


after the summer solstice, the temperature rises gradually, and the amount of human sweat will also increase, so the human body needs a lot of water. In this regard, you can also adjust your diet, such as drinking some mung bean soup, light salt water, etc. It should be noted that mung bean soup should not be drunk, let alone water. People with cold and weak constitution are not suitable to drink mung bean soup.


in terms of spiritual recuperation, the theory of the book of changes holds that summer belongs to fire and corresponds to the heart of the five internal organs. Therefore, health preservation after the summer solstice focuses on nourishing the heart. The hot summer often makes people upset, and annoyance is hotter, which can affect the functional activities of the human body, resulting in many adverse effects on the spirit. As the saying goes, "peace of mind is naturally cool". Therefore, we should be good at regulation, sit more quietly and eliminate distractions in our hearts.

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