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We should eat Chinese cabbage after the beginning of winter

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there is a folk saying about diet in China: "fish make fire, meat produce phlegm, cabbage and tofu ensure safety." after the beginning of winter, people gradually feel that the real winter is coming. In this dry season, nourishing yin and moistening dryness should eat cabbage, so let the old yellow calendar introduce it to you.


when it comes to winter vegetables, people must first think of Chinese cabbage. Although there are many kinds of vegetables compared with the past, Chinese cabbage is still the best choice for people in winter. Nutrition experts pointed out that after the beginning of winter, the weather is getting drier and drier. Eating more cabbage can nourish yin, moisten dryness, protect skin and nourish beauty.


have a dry climate in winter. Nourishing Yin essence is an important part of health preservation in winter. People should eat more foods that replenish Yin liquid appropriately, such as cabbage, tremella, agaric, medlar, pear, kiwi fruit, etc., of which the water content of cabbage is extremely rich, up to 95%.


Li Shizhen, a famous doctor in the Ming Dynasty, wrote in the compendium of materia medica: "woad (ancient name) withers late. It is common at four o'clock and has the practice of loosening, so it is called woad." traditional Chinese medicine believes that Chinese cabbage tastes sweet and cold. Eating it often can clear away heat and annoyance, nourish the stomach and generate fluid, moisten the lungs and cool, diuresis and defecation.

tips for purchasing Chinese cabbage the growth period of Chinese cabbage can be divided into early, middle and late, and the color of leaf ball can be divided into white, cyan and cyan. The Chinese cabbage listed from September to October is an early maturing variety. Its leaf ball has three colors: light green, yellow green or white. The dish is small, the leaf flesh is thin, the quality is delicate, the crude fiber is less, and it is not resistant to storage. It should be eaten and bought as soon as possible. The Chinese cabbage listed in November is a late maturing variety. Its leaf color is green, its mesophyll is thick, its tissue is compact, its toughness is large, it is not easy to be damaged and resistant to storage, so it is also called "pit Chinese cabbage". When purchasing Chinese cabbage, it mainly depends on the growth period, leaf ball color and plumpness of the cabbage, and it is better to have fresh leaf color and no damage to the appearance.

Chinese cabbage taboo 1. Chinese cabbage is cold, stomach cold, abdominal pain, loose stool and cold dysentery. Do not eat more. Those with wind cold invading the lung and lung cold cough should eat less. 2. Cooked cabbages and Chinese cabbages not pickled thoroughly overnight are not suitable for consumption. Because both will produce nitrite, which has the effect of carcinogenesis. 3. The blanching time should not be long. The blanching time of Chinese cabbage in boiling water should not be too long. The best time is 20-30 seconds, otherwise it will not be delicious if it is too soft and rotten.

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