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What do Suzhou people eat at Lidong

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on November 7, 2017, people will usher in the annual beginning of winter solar term. The temperature drops rapidly during the beginning of winter. At this time, people all over the country often need to supplement their diet and eat delicious food that can increase calories and benefit their body. Then let the old yellow calendar introduce to you what people in Suzhou eat at the beginning of winter.


eating a bowl of bacon and vegetable rice to tonify the kidney and eat a bowl of bacon and vegetable rice in winter is a specific custom of the old Suzhou people. The frosted diced salted meat with short feet, green, fat and thin, coupled with waxy, smooth and sweet new rice, floated out an attractive aroma on the stove in half an hour.


simmer for a moment, put a spoonful in a porcelain bowl, and then draw a small piece of apricot lard with chopsticks. With the temperature of the rice, the lard gradually melts into the rice. Although salted meat and vegetable rice is not included in Suzhou's famous recipes, it has never lacked diners who love it.


in fact, eating salted meat and vegetable rice has another meaning, that is, eating salty and tonifying the kidney. Saltiness has been listed as the first of the five flavors since ancient times. After the beginning of winter, the weather is gradually cold, which is most likely to damage the Yang Qi of the kidney. Salty food into the kidney can tonify the kidney. But it should be noted that patients with hypertension should not eat too much salt.

a bowl of mutton against the severe cold. There are two big days to eat mutton in winter, one is the beginning of winter and the other is the winter solstice. Mutton is beneficial to kidney, liver, cold and dampness. Therefore, Suzhou people firmly believe that the warmth brought by a bowl of mutton soup is enough to withstand the severe cold of winter.

mutton in white soup, braised mutton in yellow sauce, braised mutton chops, mutton hot pot... The delicacy of mutton is brought into full play in every dish. A small plate of cold book collection sheep cake and a large bowl of hot thick Aries soup alternate cold and hot, making the process of tasting delicious food interesting.

but mutton is good, but you can't eat too much. When eating mutton, it is best to match cool and sweet vegetables at the same time, such as cabbage and potatoes, so as to play a role in balance. Mutton is not suitable for people with heat constitution.

a fat crab tastes the west wind, the crab feet itch, and the crab starts winter without a trace. After the beginning of winter, there will be fewer and fewer crabs, but at this time, crabs are really great. Whether male or female, crab paste or crab oil are full and mellow with the best flavor. With orange crab roe, white jade like ointment and white and tender crab meat, it is no wonder that Zhang Taiyan's wife, Ms. Tang Guoli, once said: "if Yangcheng Lake crab is not good, why live in Suzhou in this life".

the most common way for Suzhou people to eat crab is to cook crab. The pronunciation of "cook" in Suzhou dialect is similar to that of "Zha". Therefore, some people say that the original meaning of hairy crab is to cook crab. Although this is just a statement, it is enough to prove that Suzhou people eat crab with its original flavor.


come to a piece of sauce recipe for winter tonic. In Suzhou, you should eat sauce recipe in winter, because only eating sauce recipe shows the true meaning of Suzhou people's winter tonic. The meat of sauce recipe is fat and thin. It is thin but not dry, but fat but not greasy. This is also one of the best sauce recipes.

the so-called "square", square meat, big meat! A large basin comes up and squats the whole square meat. It is thick, blessed, moist and plump. The four words "thick oil red sauce" are the most appropriate to describe the sauce side. In particular, the meat skin on the face is golden and mouth watering.

drink a cup of Osmanthus winter wine to warm the stomach. Suzhou people want to drink a special osmanthus winter wine in winter. This wine was originally called "Dongyang wine" or "Dongyang wine", which is brewed only once before the winter solstice every year. It is brewed with Osmanthus fragrans. It is light, fragrant, sweet and refreshing. The streets and alleys are full of wine fragrance.


when the wine made by the old lady in Suzhou is "ripe", she will go to a cover nest made of straw and lift up the thick cotton pad covered on it. As soon as the wooden cover is opened, the wine fragrance will float slightly. Fill a small bowl and a small spoon into the mouth. The taste is mellow and soft. You can get drunk before drinking. After drinking, you can warm your stomach.

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