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Old Beijing Lidong custom instant boiled mutton

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"the north wind blows back and forth several times, and the sparse trees shake the air half green and yellow." after the beginning of winter, the temperature drops rapidly. At this time, it is often dry and cold in northern China. At this time, the authentic old Beijingers have the custom of instant boiled mutton, hot mutton soup, warm their body and heart, and the early winter when everything gradually withers seems to have vitality again. Then let the old yellow calendar introduce you to the custom of instant boiled mutton in the beginning of winter in old Beijing.


in the court of the Qing Dynasty, the rule at the beginning of winter is to eat boiled mutton. It is considered that mutton is warm and tonic, which is conducive to the five zang organs. When the five zang organs are hot, it can naturally resist the cold in winter. Later, people were also keen on this way.


Beijing was not the main place of origin of mutton. People's preference for mutton was about the foundation laid by the Yuan Dynasty for Beijing, and has continued for generations since then. Instant boiled mutton originated in Mongolia. Genghis Khan's cavalry boiled mutton with helmet boiling water, which was the original practice of instant boiled mutton. In the Yuan Dynasty, Beijing was the capital, and this method was gradually developed into Beijing instant boiled mutton.

old Beijing instant boiled mutton, pay attention to copper pot charcoal fire, clear soup bottom, just add ginger slices, scallion, etc. The charcoal fire makes the clear soup in the pot boiling hot. Holding chopsticks and holding red and white, thin but not scattered mutton slices, once rinsed in the soup, the meat color is white and dipped in the cold mahjong material, which melts in the mouth, and the soy sauce flavor and meat flavor are combined into one. Unlike hot pot, Sichuan mutton slices cooked in hot pot are different from traditional Sichuan style hot pot. The traditional Beijing boiled mutton is made of clear soup. The meat is tested on the basis of mutton itself. The most traditional

is only scallion and ginger. The

is the most traditional one. The traditional instant boiled mutton pays attention to using copper pot and charcoal fire, which is different from the mutton soup pot with Sichuan flavor. The dipping materials must be leek flowers, fermented bean curd, soy sauce, sesame sauce, etc. These spices enrich the taste of mutton and filter out the smell of mutton. Of course, the ingredients for


are mutton. If diners like it, they can also add fat cattle. Mutton pays attention to the use of sheep outside the mouth. "Sheep outside the mouth" is the sheep north of Zhangjiakou, which generally refers to Inner Mongolia sheep. The best part is the "cucumber strip". The meat in this part grows on the thigh and hip of the sheep and wraps the femur in a strip. There are two on a sheep, which tastes very crisp.

when instant boiled mutton, people cut the mutton into very thin pieces by hand. A plate is usually four Liang. Then add some plain vegetables with clear mouth and rich taste, such as cabbage, pole stalk, vermicelli, frozen tofu, etc. the general order is to rinse mutton first, and then rinse the side dishes.


the dipping material of old Beijing instant boiled mutton is sesame paste. Each family has its own secret recipe. The indispensable ingredients are fermented bean curd, leek flower and coriander, and more than a dozen spices can be put in. Because instant boiled mutton itself is hot meat with water, except that the mutton itself is fresh and sweet, which all depends on small ingredients to bring the taste, so it has attracted considerable attention.

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