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Eating dumplings in the north and onions in the south is very different from the beginning of winter in the South and North

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The old saying of

says that "ten miles of different winds, a hundred miles of different customs". However, China has a vast territory, different climates in the north and south, different geographical environments, and people's living habits and traditional folk customs are more colorful. If this old saying is reflected incisively and vividly, let the old yellow calendar introduce you the different characteristics and customs of the beginning of winter in the north and south.


eat dumplings in the north of China. People like to eat dumplings on the day of the beginning of winter. Dumplings are derived from the "time of giving birth", and Lidong is the time of autumn and winter, so dumplings at the time of "giving birth" can't be eaten;


northern instant boiled mutton in the court of the Qing Dynasty, the rule at the beginning of winter was to eat instant boiled mutton, which was also popular among the people later. Copper pot charcoal fire, clear soup bottom, just add ginger slices, scallions, etc. The charcoal fire makes the clear soup in the pot boiling hot. Holding chopsticks and holding red and white, thin but not scattered mutton slices, when you rinse in the soup, the meat color is white, put it in the cold sesame sauce, dip it in, and melt in the mouth, and the soy sauce flavor and meat flavor are combined into one.


Southern tonic chicken and duck in southern China, people like to eat some chicken, duck and fish at the beginning of winter. The "mutton stove", "ginger duck" and other winter tonic restaurants on the streets are full of friends. Many families also stew sesame oil chicken and Siwu chicken to supplement energy.


there is a saying in Nanjing that "one and a half onions a day bring wind to the legs in winter." in the beginning of winter, the old people in Nanjing pay special attention to eating raw onions. There are more small plates containing fragrant vinegar on the table at home. Add green and white onion powder before dinner, and then drop attractive sesame oil. Eat fish or meat with scallions, not only eat delicious food, but also bring health in winter.

sugarcane is eaten in the south. In Chaoshan area of Guangdong, sugarcane and fried rice are eaten at the beginning of winter. There is a saying among the local people that "it is not painful to eat sugarcane at the beginning of winter", which means that the sugarcane in the beginning of winter is mature and can't get angry.

north and South love winter swimming. Winter swimming enthusiasts like to welcome the beginning of winter by means of winter swimming. It should be reminded that before winter swimming, people, especially the middle-aged and elderly, must carefully check their bodies. Patients with hypertension and cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases must pay attention not to winter swimming.


should be carried out before winter swimming. People should do a full warm-up. When swimming, they should do according to their ability, enough is enough, step by step, and it is appropriate to feel relaxed, happy and energetic after winter swimming.

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