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What time is the summer heat in 2018? 11:41 on July 7

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"the summer heat will be golden and the wheat will be slightly cool in autumn." when the sun reaches 105 ° of the Yellow meridian, people will usher in the annual summer solar term. The so-called "little summer heat" is actually "little heat". Although it is not the hottest time in summer, people can obviously feel the summer heat. Then let the old yellow calendar introduce you the time of the summer holiday in 2018.


Q: what time is the summer heat in 2018? A: the heatstroke in 2018 is 11:41:47 on July 7, 2018.

on July 7 or 8 every year, when the sun reaches 105 ° of the Yellow meridian, it is regarded as light heat. Douzhixin. The solar yellow meridian is 105 °. At this time, the weather is already very hot, but it is not hot, so it is called Xiaoshu.


are around the beginning of the summer. There is a folk proverb in China: "dumplings on the head, noodles on the second, pancakes on the third." it is a traditional custom to eat dumplings on the first in the summer. People lose appetite on the fifth day and tend to be thinner than usual. It is commonly called bitter summer, and dumplings are appetizing food in the traditional custom.


traditional doctors believe that the time when the human body's Yang is most vigorous is from the summer heat season. As the saying goes, "raise Yang in spring and summer", so people should pay attention to the combination of work and rest to protect the human body's Yang. The folk way to spend the dog days is to eat cool and summer food.


porridge is a good choice when it is hot in the summer. Xiaoshu soup or porridge made of lotus leaves, Poria cocos, lentils, job's tears, Polyporus, Alisma orientalis, kapok and other materials, or sweet or salty, is very suitable for this solar term. Eating more fruits is also beneficial to heatstroke prevention, but do not eat too much, so as not to increase the burden on the intestines and stomach, which may cause diarrhea in serious cases.

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