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What time is the beginning of autumn in 2018? 21:30 on August 7

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"the flowers are in full bloom, the lotus is thanking, and the leaves are sparse in the willows." the arrival of the beginning of autumn marks the beginning of mengqiu. Since then, the weather has slowly turned cool from the heat in midsummer. The lotus in full bloom in summer gradually shows the weather of withering, and the wicker is still swinging, but the leaves have a sparse feeling. Then let the old yellow calendar introduce you to what time is the beginning of autumn in 2018.


Q: what time is the beginning of autumn in 2018? A: the beginning of autumn in 2018 is 21:30:34 on August 7, 2018.


the beginning of autumn is the 13th solar term of the year. It comes on August 8 or 9 every year, when the Beidou points to the southwest. The solar yellow meridian is 135 °. From this day on, autumn begins. The autumn is crisp, the moon is bright and the wind is clear. Since then, the temperature gradually decreased from the hottest.


in ancient China, the beginning of autumn was divided into three periods: "the first period of cool wind, the second period of White Dew, and the third period of cold cicadas." the arrival of cool wind means that people will feel cool when the wind blows after the beginning of autumn. At this time, the wind is different from the hot wind in summer. White dew falls, which means that after the beginning of autumn, there will be fog on the earth in the morning. Cold cicadas chirp refers to that after the beginning of autumn, cold cicadas that feel Yin and chirp also begin to chirp. The climate of


at the beginning of autumn is a transitional solar term from heat to cool. It is also a period in which Yang Qi gradually recedes and Yin Qi gradually grows, and gradually changes from Yang prosperity to Yin prosperity. It is not only a season for the mature harvest of all things, but also a transitional period in the metabolism of yin and Yang. Therefore, the principle of health preservation in autumn is to maintain the spirit, eating and daily life, sports and exercise.


should be in the lung in autumn. The lung is determined to be sad (worry). Sorrow is easy to hurt the lung. If the lung qi is empty, the body's tolerance to adverse stimuli will be reduced and it is easy to have feelings of sadness and worry. Therefore, when self-care, we must not deviate from the laws of nature and follow the outline of the ancients "Make your mind peaceful, slow down the punishment in autumn, restrain your spirit, and calm the Qi in autumn; if you have no other will, you will clear your lungs. This autumn Qi should be the way to raise and receive."

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