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What time is the autumnal equinox in 2018? 9:54 on September 23

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"the wind blows white, the early morning is late, and the frost carves red leaves for the autumnal equinox." when the sun reaches 180 ° of the Yellow meridian, people usher in the 16th solar term of the year - the autumnal equinox. On this day, the sun is almost direct at the earth's equator, and the days and nights around the world are almost the same length. In China, people think that this day is the equinox of autumn. Then let the old yellow calendar introduce you to what time is the autumnal equinox in 2018.


Q: what time is the autumnal equinox in 2018? A: the autumnal equinox in 2018 is 9:54:01 on September 23.

on September 22 or 23 every year, people usher in the annual autumnal equinox. The climate in southern China begins to fall from this solar term. From the autumnal equinox, the position of direct sunlight continues to move from the equator to the southern hemisphere, and the northern hemisphere begins to have short days and long nights. According to the autumn theory of China's old calendar, this day is just half of the 90 days of autumn, so it is called the autumnal equinox. But astronomy stipulates that autumn in the northern hemisphere begins at the autumnal equinox. The autumnal equinox solar terms of


have really entered autumn. As a solar term with the same time of day and night, people should also follow the law of yin-yang balance in health preservation, so as to keep the body "Yin and Yang secret". According to the principle of "Su Wen Zhi Zhen Yao Da Lun", we should carefully observe the location of yin and Yang, so as to balance the duration ". The location of yin and Yang should not be biased. In order to maintain the balance of yin and Yang, we must first prevent the invasion of external evil Qi.

at the same time, the changes of dryness, temperature and coolness in autumn are also related to everyone's physique and body reaction. To prevent cold and dryness, we must adhere to exercise, enhance physique and improve disease resistance. Autumn exercise focuses on benefiting the lung and moistening dryness, such as practicing tunagong and kowtowing Yanjin moistening dryness. In terms of diet and recuperation, you should drink more water and eat clear and moist foods, such as sesame, walnut, glutinous rice, honey, dairy products and pears, which can nourish yin, moisten lung, nourish yin and generate fluid.


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