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What time is the cold dew in 2018? 16:14 on October 8

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"several schools have clear springs, autumn chrysanthemums flourish, and a forest of cold dew and purple pears flourish." at the beginning of October every year, people will usher in the 17th solar term of the year - cold dew. At this time, the temperature is lower than the White Dew season, and the dew on the ground is colder and will condense into frost, so it is called "cold dew". Then let the old Huang Li introduce you to the cold dew in 2018.


Q: what time is the cold dew in 2018? A: the cold dew in 2018 is 16:14:37 on October 8, 2018.

cold dew, like White Dew and frost, is a solar term indicating water vapor condensation. After White Dew, the weather turns cool and dew begins to appear. In the cold dew season, dew increases and the temperature is lower. At this time, frost weather will appear in some areas of China.


cold dew also represent the transition of climate from cool to cold. At this time, Nanling and the vast areas to the north have entered autumn, with white clouds and red leaves and occasional early frost. The Northeast has entered late autumn, the Northwest has entered or is about to enter winter, and the autumn in the south is getting thicker and thicker, and cicadas are silent and crippled.


the weather in the cold dew season is very favorable for the autumn harvest. There is a folk saying in China that "yellow smoke peanuts should also be collected, caught into fish and thicken lotus roots. Soybeans are harvested in the cold open air, pomegranates and hawthorn are picked." there is also a fruit related to the cold dew, that is, the cold dew peach, which belongs to the late maturing peach variety in the north, and its maturity is before and after the cold dew, so it is called "cold dew peach" 。


since the cold dew season, there is less rain, the weather is dry, the day is hot and the night is cool. From the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine, the biggest feature of this solar term in the southern climate is that "dryness" evil is in season, and dryness evil is most likely to hurt the lung and stomach. During this period, people's sweat evaporated rapidly, so they often had dry skin, increased wrinkles, dry mouth and throat, dry cough and less phlegm, and even hair loss and secret stool knot. Therefore, the focus of health preservation is to nourish yin, prevent dryness, moisten lung and benefit stomach. In the cold dew season of


, you should eat more soft foods such as sesame, glutinous rice, japonica rice, honey and dairy products, and increase chicken, duck, beef, pig liver, fish, shrimp, jujube and yam to increase your physique; Eat less spicy products, such as pepper, ginger, onion and garlic. Excessive spicy food should hurt the Yin and essence of the human body. Conditional friends can often cook some jujube, lotus seeds and ginkgo porridge, and often eat yam and horseshoe is also a good way to keep healthy.

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