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What time is the beginning of winter in 2018? 19:31 on November 7

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The beginning of winter solar terms of

and "the falling lotus pond is withered, and the west wind gradually becomes the call of the north wind" are regarded as the beginning of winter in China. At this time, the cold wind rises suddenly, the plants and trees wither, and all things collect to avoid the cold. People add clothes and quilts, supplement and maintain health, and enter the "winter mode". Then let the old yellow calendar introduce you to what time is the beginning of winter in 2018.


Q: what time is the beginning of winter in 2018? A: the beginning of winter in 2018 is 19:31:39 on November 7, 2018.

between November 7 and 8 of the Gregorian calendar, the sun reaches 225 ° of the Yellow meridian, and people usher in the annual beginning of winter solar term. After the beginning of winter, the middle and lower reaches of the Yellow River in China are about to freeze. At this time, farmers everywhere are gradually transferred to farmland water conservancy capital construction and other agricultural activities.


the beginning of winter, the beginning of spring, the beginning of summer and the beginning of autumn are called "four Li". It is an important festival in ancient society. In the past, it was a farming society. After working for a year, I took advantage of the beginning of winter to rest and reward my family for their hard work. The proverb "make up for the winter, make up for the empty mouth" is the best metaphor.


in ancient times, the son of heaven had the gift of going out of the suburbs to welcome the winter, and had the system of giving winter clothes to the ministers and giving them reserved sympathy for the orphans and widows, which was basically the same in later generations. "Spring and Autumn Festival of LV family. Yu Dong": "it is the month that begins winter. On the first three days of winter, the Taishi paid a visit to the son of heaven and said, 'one day, winter begins, and virtue is in the water.' the son of heaven is fasting. On the day of winter, the son of heaven personally led three gongs and nine officials to welcome winter in the northern suburbs. It is also to reward death and sympathize with orphans and widows."

since the Han Dynasty, there has been a custom of He Dong among Chinese people, which is also known as "worship winter", Cui Ding of the Eastern Han Dynasty wrote in the "four people's monthly order": "on the winter solstice, when people enter wine and food, they pay homage to the king, teachers and elders, just like the normal day." on this day in the Song Dynasty, people change new clothes and celebrate their contacts, just like New Year's festivals.


in the Qing Dynasty, "the solstice is the winter solstice. Scholars and bureaucrats pay homage to their elders and pay homage to each other. Men and women of the fine people will also wear more fresh clothes and bow to each other, which is called" worship winter ". (volume 11 of Gu Lu's records of the Qing Dynasty). Since the Republic of China, the traditional customs of He Dong seem to be simplified, but some folk activities are gradually fixed, stylized and more universal. For example, winter school and teacher worship activities are held in winter.


about the food customs of Lidong, Chinese people, especially in the northern region, have the tradition of eating dumplings. It is said that this is because dumplings come from the saying of "giving birth" and Lidong is the turn of autumn and winter, so dumplings at the time of "giving birth" can not be eaten.

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