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What are the taboos of Lidong

DailyBird Culture 2021-10-09 1 0
The ancient book

Zhoubi Suanjing "says:" the four Li are the beginning of growth and collection. "Lidong is one of the four Li. Since ancient times, people have regarded it as a key solar term and celebrated it as an important festival. In the long years, people have formed some taboos that need to be observed in the beginning of winter. Then let the old yellow calendar introduce to you what taboos there are in the beginning of winter.


do not go out too early. In the winter morning, when the temperature is the lowest in the day, it is not only the most likely to cause colds, but also the Yin Qi is relatively heavy. Non working people had better choose to exercise outside after 10 a.m. Workers should pay attention to adding clothes to keep warm and adjust their luck.

the sun is too long, and there is little warm sun after the beginning of winter. Some friends will be greedy for the sun. Too long exposure to the sun will reduce people's water five elements and reduce wealth. In terms of health, it will damage the skin, destroy the natural barrier of the human body, make harmful chemicals and microorganisms in the atmosphere invade the human body, cause infection, and cause vision loss.


avoid taking a long bath. Yin Qi is heavier in winter. Taking a long bath after the beginning of winter will reduce people's Yang Qi. In addition, the air is dry and cold in winter. Many elderly people's skin is dry, desquamated and itchy. They mistakenly think it is caused by uncleanness, so they take a bath once a day. As a result, the more they wash the skin, the more dry and desquamated they are. It is best to take a bath once every 2-3 days.


should not be active. The five elements of the heart belong to fire and the five elements of the kidney belong to water. In the winter with abundant water, friends with bad heart or kidney should pay attention to the maintenance of the heart and kidney. Proper physical exercise is to strengthen the body, but after strenuous exercise, the heartbeat is easy to accelerate and the blood pressure rises. It is particularly dangerous in this season. So it's best not to choose strenuous exercise after the beginning of winter.


should avoid "minor diseases". It is cold after the beginning of winter. People are prone to "minor diseases" such as cold, cough, headache and panic. In winter, they must be treated in time to prevent them. Don't accumulate old problems because of a moment's negligence.


the heart and kidney are not good and need to be maintained. The five elements of the heart belong to fire and the five elements of the kidney belong to water. In the winter when water is booming, friends with bad heart or kidney must be more careful and pay attention to health preservation. Old friends should pay attention to adding clothes to keep warm. When the wind is strong, try to avoid exercise and going out, and strengthen self-protection.


avoid career adjustment in the near future. Many friends plan to "toss around" around the end of the year, or adjust their work units, or plan to start a business and invest. Others are already planning for next year. These friends still want to remind you to be careful. From the natural law, this season is the season of "winter storage", If you don't have a full grasp, it's best to plan in many ways, because once the luck is bad at this time, it's easy to have a "green and yellow" or a "white busy year".


those who avoid God should pay attention to the prosperous winter. Undoubtedly, it is very unfavorable for those who avoid God. During the time when God is in command, everything is easy to go wrong, and their mood, luck and thinking state will be at a low ebb. Therefore, they feel constrained everywhere. At this time, they should be more careful and remind themselves to stay away from right and wrong, Even if you encounter problems, first calm down and find a way. Don't lose your temper and make contradictions. This will only worsen the situation.

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