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Lidong's improper dumpling bowl freezes its ears and nobody cares

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in five days, people will usher in the annual solar term for the beginning of winter. In ancient Chinese society, the beginning of winter is an important day. On this day, the son of heaven will lead all officials to welcome the winter and comfort the martyrs' families; The folk worship ancestors and sweep tombs to pray for a good harvest. For thousands of years, people have also summed up some common sayings about Lidong. Among them, "Lidong doesn't serve dumpling bowls, and no one cares if its ears are frozen off". I think many people have heard of it. Then let the old yellow calendar introduce you the meaning of this proverb.


"at the beginning of winter, there is no one to take care of the dumpling bowl. It is a ballad handed down in memory of the medical Saint Zhang Zhongjing. Speaking of the origin of this sentence, we should also tell the story of the medical Saint Zhang Zhongjing. Zhang Zhongjing is a native of Langdong, Nanyang. His treatise on Febrile and miscellaneous diseases, which is a collection of great achievements of doctors, has been regarded as a classic by doctors of all dynasties.

in the Eastern Han Dynasty, Zhang Zhongjing once served as the governor of Changsha, visiting patients, applying medicine and practicing medicine in the lobby. He resolutely resigned and returned home to treat his neighbors. It was winter when he returned home. He saw that the villagers on both sides of the Baihe River were yellow and skinny, hungry and cold, and many people's ears were frozen. He asked his disciples to set up a medical shed in Dongguan, Nanyang, set up a big pot, and give "Quhan Jiaoer Decoction" to treat chilblain on the day of the beginning of winter.


he boiled mutton, pepper and some cold expelling herbs in a pot, then took out the mutton and medicine, chopped them, made them into ear like "jiao'er" with bread, cooked them, and gave them to each person who asked for medicine two "jiao'er" and a large bowl of broth. People ate "jiao'er" and drank "Quhan soup". They were warm, their ears were hot, and their frostbitten ears were cured. Later generations learn the appearance of "jiao'er" and wrap it into food, also known as "dumplings" or "flat food".


eat dumplings at the beginning of winter, which is a memorial for the local people in Nanyang who do not forget the kindness of Doctor Zhang Zhongjing's "Quhan Jiaoer Decoction". The ancients also believed that the beginning of winter belongs to the "time of giving birth", which is the time of the transition between autumn and winter. Naturally, the dumplings at the time of "giving birth" can not be eaten.


in the later years, the saying that "at the beginning of winter, the dumpling bowl is not proper, and no one cares if the ears are frozen off" has gradually become well known with the spread of this custom. In some areas in the north, some people say it is "improper dumpling bowl at the winter solstice". Although there are different opinions, the concept of "tonifying the winter" is relatively unified, because it is in line with the traditional Chinese way of "eating and drinking with festival", "sincere harmony and five flavors" and "harmony in skill and number".

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