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Don't forget to add clothes when it's cold. A collection of blessings for the beginning of winter

DailyBird Culture 2021-10-09 1 0

on November 7, the annual beginning of winter is coming. Chinese people regard this day as the beginning of winter. Since then, the weather has really become colder and colder. People have taken out thickened clothes and quilts and started the winter mode. While preparing for winter, don't forget to send a blessing to relatives and friends, Send a warm heart when the cold wind is rising.


1. It's the beginning of winter again. Greetings and blessings are floating. I wish you happiness, auspiciousness, happiness and laughter. Young and beautiful people are more beautiful, healthy and long-lived, never old, brilliant career, rolling financial resources, counting money, adding clothes and preventing cold are the most important. You don't catch a cold all winter.

2. When the north wind blows and winter comes, you should open your mouth and laugh loudly; Good health, beautiful and old, don't forget your clothes and hat when you go out; Good luck, good fortune, love and happiness between husband and wife; Children and grandchildren run around you, don't worry about food and clothing, and live a good life; Contentment is always happy, ordinary people, light and high interest!

3. The cold wind is whistling and Howling; The green mountains are lonely and the red leaves are floating in disorder; Warm and cold, the sun shines; Occasional snowflakes, graceful pieces; When the temperature drops, the feeling is burning; Auspicious clouds flutter and happiness curls; Lidong greetings, wish you great!

4. At the beginning of winter, please do a good job to protect yourself from the cold: if you have a husband, hold your husband, if you have a wife, hold your wife, if you don't have one for the time being, please hold a warm kettle, and don't hold it! I really can't. I should change my hair.

5. Send off the golden autumn, usher in the purity of winter, and the beginning of winter. May your winter be happy; Catch up with the green of spring and feel the purity of winter. May your winter harvest again and again.

6. Lidong, the starting point of happiness; Please pay attention to cooling; Exercise, the key points to ensure health; Happiness is the starting point of blessing; Blessing is the key point of SMS; I wish you will always be the focus of attention; Happiness and sweetness have no end! Happy Lidong!

7. When autumn comes, everyone wears cotton padded jacket; When the north wind howls at night, you need to add clothes as soon as possible; Today, the beginning of winter, SMS to tell; Don't hibernate too early, don't sleep in; Add a few sets of clothes and don't forget to exercise; A text message makes you laugh. May you have a wonderful beginning of winter!

8. When winter comes and it's cold, keep warm and don't play tricks. Open the window and breathe well; Winter radish, summer ginger, health tips, remember: regular exercise, good health; Often drink soup, nutrition is wonderful; At the beginning of winter, you are healthy and happy!

9. When winter comes, the cold wind is cold and the snow is floating. We should do a good job in keeping out the cold. Soak your feet before going to bed to promote sleep and calm your brain. Spinach and cabbage can extinguish the fire, and orange honey can be hot and dry. Care tips are sent to you. I wish you a good winter!

10. Frost is heavy at the beginning of winter. The day is empty and the meaning is strong. Think like the wind, read into a dream. Send love and light send. Relax when you are busy. The heart is relaxed and cheerful. You and I love each other and interact more. Auspicious approaching, happy winter!

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