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Lidong beware of this common disease in the middle-aged and elderly

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on November 7, people are about to usher in the annual solar term for the beginning of winter. The ancients said: "winter, heaven and earth are closed, and water and ice are cracked." after the beginning of winter, the weather is getting colder and colder, and many middle-aged and elderly people are troubled by "old cold legs". Then let the old yellow calendar introduce to you how to deal with the onset of "old cold legs" in the beginning of winter.


"old cold leg" is a folk saying of knee osteoarthritis, which is the most common chronic degenerative osteoarthritis in the middle-aged and elderly. Also known as "osteoarthritis", "senile arthritis", "proliferative arthritis", "degenerative arthritis", etc.


and "old cold leg" are called bone arthralgia disease in traditional Chinese medicine. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that bone arthralgia disease is mostly caused by old age and physical decline, coupled with exogenous wind cold dampness evil. It is recorded in Su Wen Bi Lun that "wind, cold and dampness are mixed to form arthralgia... There are many colds in pain, so there is cold, so there is pain."


and "old cold leg" are common in clinic. The onset is slow, sometimes mild and sometimes severe, and the aggravation is related to the climate, which is difficult to heal repeatedly. At the initial stage of the disease, the joint is dull pain, accompanied by acid swelling, aggravated after exercise, and can be relieved by rest. Or continuous pain, or tingling during activity, with soft legs. Tenderness around the joint, swelling and deformation of the joint can be seen, and there can be joint bounce, and there are typical "adhesion" or "rest pain", that is, when the body position is fixed for a long time and then changes the body position, the joint stiffness and pain will be felt, the symptoms can be alleviated after a little activity, and the joint stiffness and pain will be aggravated again during re activity.

in recent years, old cold legs are no longer the "privilege" of the elderly. At present, many young girls also have similar symptoms of old cold legs at a young age. When it is cloudy or the temperature drops, they have knee discomfort. In fact, the reason is the disaster caused by "silk stockings".


knee joints are the largest and most complex joints in the human body. There is less fat around them. When girls wear too little in winter, their knee joints get too cold, local blood vessels shrink too much, joint fluid secretion decreases, and their joints are more likely to be injured. Therefore, such people will have symptoms similar to old cold legs very early. Therefore, we appeal that in winter, Keep warm and dress up on this basis.


how to prevent old cold legs? When you are young, you should avoid knee trauma and long-term high heels. When you enter middle age, you should pay attention to the choice of exercise methods, strengthen the exercise of quadriceps muscles, and when you enter old age, you should pay attention to keeping warm and proper muscle exercise, so as to get rid of the trouble of old cold legs more effectively. In addition, you should pay attention to the following preventive measures.

1. Pay attention to heat preservation. When the temperature drops suddenly, you must add clothes, especially the protection of lower limbs and knees. 2. Keep the room warm and dry, and the bedding should not be too wet. 3. You can do some non weight-bearing aerobic exercise, such as swimming. 4. Control weight and avoid too frequent mountain climbing, stair climbing, repeated squatting and other exercise methods. Women are not recommended to wear high heels often. 5. Avoid excessive fatigue and aggravate joint damage. For physical exercise, we should choose appropriate items, such as playing Taijiquan, doing all kinds of gymnastics and other activities with small amount of exercise. The amount of activity is based on physical comfort and slight sweating. The most important thing is perseverance. 6. Find ways to promote blood circulation in the legs, such as soaking your feet in hot water every day. 7. If you can choose some traditional Chinese medicine for promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis, you can make a medicine bag to protect your knees. Before making the medicine bag, first go to a regular traditional Chinese medicine store or hospital to buy some traditional Chinese medicine with good quality and good properties, such as Angelica sinensis, safflower, frankincense, myrrh, prepared Chuanwu, prepared Cao Wu and so on, grind them into fine powder and put them into a gauze bag.


in order to prevent the drug powder from depositing downward when wearing knee pads, the drug powder should be diluted and evenly spread, and then sewed into a small grid shape with needle and thread. In this way, after arthritis patients wear this knee pad, with the increase of the temperature at the knee joint, the drug will slowly become hot, and the drug will continue to volatilize into the body.

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