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What does Lidong eat to replenish the body

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Since today, people have entered the solar term of the beginning of winter in 2017. Since then, the weather has become colder and colder. People have also started the tonic mode and began to eat some food that can help keep warm. Nutrition experts suggest that there are four kinds of food that can be eaten after the beginning of winter, which is beneficial to the body. Then let the old yellow calendar introduce it to you.


legumes should be eaten more. According to traditional Chinese medicine, legumes are the best ingredients for tonifying the spleen and stomach in winter, especially for people with weak spleen and stomach. Beans are rich in protein, calcium and other nutrients. If it is difficult to digest beans alone, you might as well make soybean milk, which can not only nourish the spleen and stomach, but also be conducive to the digestion of the spleen and stomach. And for female friends, it has the function of beauty.

mutton is the first choice for tonifying at the beginning of winter. The cold wind rises, the mutton is fat, and mutton is the first choice for tonifying at the beginning of winter. It's time to eat mutton again. Mutton is warm. People who are afraid of getting angry might as well stew mutton and white radish together. The two complement each other, which can not only ensure that nutrition is not lost to the greatest extent, but also play a role in supplementing qi and deficiency, reducing Qi and resolving phlegm.

eat crucian carp in winter to appetize and strengthen the spleen. There is a folk proverb that "winter crucian carp and summer carp". Crucian carp can appetize and strengthen the spleen, promote water and reduce swelling, nourish and dredge milk, clear away heat and detoxify, and play an auxiliary role in the treatment of weakness of the spleen and stomach, lack of food and fatigue. There are many ways to cook crucian carp, among which braised crucian carp and crucian bean curd soup are particularly delicious.

here is a trick. When cooking crucian carp soup, it's best not to put ginger. You can put a little less green and white to remove the fishy smell. When people drink soup, they can put a little vinegar, because vinegar has the effect of astringency and digestion, which is good for maintaining the intestines and stomach and alleviating diarrhea.

eat tofu in winter to reconcile the spleen and stomach. Eat tofu in winter to benefit Qi, reconcile the spleen and stomach, eliminate fullness, dredge the turbid Qi of the large intestine, clear away heat and disperse blood.


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